The old way of selling cars is gone and we are now in an age of social media that allows you to engage with your audience and sell more cars.

You’ll find it easier to enjoy if you’ve embraced the fact that you can gain a ton of leads off social media and connect with your audience. If the trouble you’re having with social is the engagement piece this is the article for you. Here are some great ideas to help you connect with your followers.

Share Your Blog Posts

If your dealership actively uses content marketing to generate leads you have a ton of posts that can be shared to engage with more people. This is an effective way to distribute your content and see growth in your channels that will ensure you see more viewers converted to buyers through your social media posts. Find the right blogs and get them shared today.

Introduce Your Employees through Social Media

The customers that come to your dealership will be working with your staff. Introduce your members on your social media channels using a high-quality picture and written details that explain their role in your company. This will help you showcase the human element of your dealership. Take things farther with a video that allows your employee to personally introduce themselves to future customers that will be at your dealership soon.

Inventory Posts –Still an Excellent Idea

You have a large inventory of vehicles for sale at your car dealership and each one has something special to offer. Make some of your posts about these vehicles. If you have special pricing, a limited selection of some models, or some special features, these are things you need to mention. A link to the car’s listing on your website will add to the post you share.

Automotive Terminology

Are there terms you use as a car dealer that seem to go over the heads of your customers? Give them a look behind the curtain with the definition and explanation of some of the jargon you use every day. Include a picture of the item if it’s tangible and allows your audience to understand what it means when a dealership uses specific terms. This gives them a bit of insight into the world of being a car dealer.

Deals and Promotions

When you share deals and promotions on your social media channels, you’re going to see these posts will be the ones that receive the most traffic. Use the same promotion copy and message in each of the platforms that you’re sharing your information on. You could put a bit of an investment into your posts to reach out and share your message with users that are not following you online.

Event Posts on Social Media

Are you hosting an event at your location? If so, you can share this on your posts and let your audience understand that you have something going on they need to attend and experience. Make your post feel like it’s something they should attend and if they don’t, they will be missing out in a big way. Use the right terminology to bring urgency to your message.

Celebrate Your Customers

When you sell a vehicle share some of the photos of the vehicle with the new owner. If you have customers that have visited your location several times, create a blog about them and share it on your social media channels. Building a community of engaged fans through posts about their friends and neighbors can make a big difference while growing your community. People love to see others they know in positive posts online.

Car Trivia

Make car trivia part of your regular offering on social media and offer a small prize to a random winner that’s able to answer the trivia question correctly. If you have a trivia post at the same time every week, you’ll know that you have this audience looking at your posts to see what the question is and take their chance at winning the prize you have to offer for correct answers.

DIY Tutorials on Social Media

Some people love to be able to do some things on their own. Let your social media channels become a hub of great information to help them have the knowledge needed to do some things on their own. There’s nothing wrong with loyal customers that understand their vehicle and what it means to make sure it’s cared for the right way. Offer various maintenance tips, cleaning tutorials, and feature videos to showcase aspects of the models you sell.

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