Twitter is considered the most successful social media platform when it comes to selling vehicles through this advanced media.

There are currently more than 328 million monthly users on Twitter making it one of the most efficient and effective ways to reach your prospects in real-time and promote your car dealership. To capitalize on the use of this platform, you need to employ some or all of these tips.

1. Use Easy-to-Remember Twitter Handles

Your handle is the name that appears for others to see. Some people make these difficult, strange, or only relevant to themselves. Don’t do this. Instead, your handle should be relevant, simple, and sensible. The most advisable is your dealership name, a combination of the car brand and location you’re in, or the brands you sell with the dealership name. If it’s too long you may need to find a way to shorten it and still make it sensible.

2. Don’t Forget About the Bio

You’re allowed only 160 characters for your Twitter Bio, so make it count. It should be compelling, include relevant hashtags, and offer keywords that make sense. The bio should invite prospects to click on the car dealer website link to find more information and learn about the vehicles you sell and the various services offered at your location.

3. Include Relevant Images in Your Twitter Posts

Whether you’re creating the header images, the next post, or a promotional page, you need to utilize relevant images every time. Consider using the logo of your dealership as your profile image, rework the latest promotional banner as your header image, and use vehicles on your lot to create the posts you want to share with potential customers. Keep your images clean, professional, and of high quality.

4. Direct Followers to the Right Page Through Your Website URL

Rather than redirecting your Twitter followers to your website homepage where they will have to search for the information they need, direct them to the promotional offers page, blog, or newsroom feed. If you’re creating a specific marketing campaign for Twitter, create a specific landing page for those that come from this social media site to your website, giving you the professional appearance you desire.

5. Location Matters, Even to Twitter Followers

You may have a global reach with social media, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to have a global following. It’s important that you allow your local community to be part of your car dealership programs and events by adding the location of different activities. If you’re hosting or attending an event at another local business, including the location to let your followers know where you are and what you’re supporting.

6. Make the Best of Hashtags

Well-crafted hashtags relevant to your car brand and location will result in twice the engagement of generic hashtags. It’s essential to include one or two hashtags in each tweet you post on Twitter. Make
sure you learn about hashtags before using them since there is a chance of them backfiring and not working right for your car brands, which would be counterproductive.

7. Follow Automotive Influencers

Twitter isn’t just about tweets but also about followers and whom you follow. Make sure you follow relevant influencers in the automotive industry, build good relationships, and request they retweet your content. This will be a big part of promoting your local car dealership to the followers you’re going to have. If you can gain the support of someone that’s highly respected in the auto industry, you’re sure to gain more followers and an interested audience.

8. Engage With Your Twitter Followers

Your followers expect some value from you when they engage with you. Whether that’s a simple response to comments, answers to questions, or an invitationto visit the car dealership, you need to stay connected and respond to anyone connecting with you on your feed. Be active in this social media platform by offering the information desired and connecting with your followers every day.

9. Try the Pinned Tweet Feature

The most important tweet of your car dealership can be pinned, which always appears at the top of your profile. This is an effective tactic to use when you have a promotional tweet or one about an event that’s taking place at your dealership. Many car dealerships ignore this tactic and won’t use the pinned feature. Your pinned tweet should be strategically designed with a great image, targeted keyword, and a call-to-action to drive more traffic to your dealer website.

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