We admire the genius of some of the most amazing engine builders in the world and wonder how they come up with what they put together. It’s not uncommon to see a garage build that is the result of a pair of engines being fused together to create a larger block and much more power than would have been the case with one engine.

Typically these two blocks are put together inline because of the massive size, but one builder has changed things with an engine that is built differently and is able to put this massive push to the wheels.
Plowboy Diesel is the creator of a custom Dodge D-Series truck that is powered by a pair of Cummings 6BT inline six-cylinder engines side by side in the engine bay to be able to offer a 12-cylinder dies-powered pickup truck that could offer more of what you would want.

Even though there’s no chance that FCA is going to take this idea and begin to build these massive engines for the Ram trucks we see today, we can admire what this team has put together to show a truck that can head out and handle the burnouts we want to experience.

More About this Power

You know that putting a pair of diesel blocks together under the hood can produce massive amounts of power, especially the torque, to ensure the truck is able to be more capable as a potential racing machine. This 12-cylinder diesel layout is attached to a Track Master 47RE four-speed automatic transmission.

The power is pushed from the pair of engines to the transmission via a custom gear case that is able to connect the output of both engines into one shaft to deliver the power to the wheels the way that makes us smile.

With this massive power offered and a ton of heat coming out of this area of the truck, the cooling needs to be impressive for this truck. This is performed using a front-mounted intercooler with four electric fans and three bed-mounted icebox radiators.

The frame used to carry this load uses a triangulated four-link rear end, air bag suspension, and air brakes to make it a truck that’s fully capable of driving and moving while also offering the stopping power needed to bring this truck to a halt and offer the control that will make sense on and off the track.

An Epic Video

The team at Plowboy Diesel has uploaded a video of the truck taking its maiden voyage on their Instagram page @ployboy.diesel. Check out the video and be amazed by the glorious sound of this power plant under the hood and watch as this truck takes its first drive after being built.

This is a crazy way to have the diesel power desired under the hood of a truck, but it shows off the genius of the team and what they’ve created that could be found at the track nearby ripping off fast laps and enjoying burnouts that are fun to watch.

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