It’s no secret that a GMC branded vehicle is one that brings you a higher level of class and elegance to be the upscale sibling brand compared to Chevrolet models.

In order to further develop and stake claims as the rugged quality brand that will be right for the drive when you want an adventure and want to experience features that are of a higher quality, this brand has partnered with Vail Resorts Inc. to get their name involved in several of the events around the country where many people choose to vacation.
With this partnership, GMC will provide the guests at thirteen of the North American ski resorts a GMC brand experience with onsite activations and at some of the signature events that take place throughout the year.

In addition to being a brand that is seen and recognized at some of these events, GMC will offer complimentary vehicle services as part of some of the vacation packages that vacationers can choose when they choose to visit these Vail Resorts locations around the country.

By entering into this partnership, GMC can be at the forefront of high-end vacationing to provide comfort and capability for those at the resorts.

Where will you see the GMC name?

If you were to vacation at one of the thirteen Vail Resorts locations around the North American area, you would be able to take advantage of a complimentary vehicle service an make use of the GMC Yukon XL Denali SUV for the driving and travel around the resort areas.

This will be the case at select Vail Resorts Hospitality and RockResorts lodging properties. This service will also be present at the White Carpet Club in Beaver Creek which is a daily private club for destination skiers that offers them the upscale services you would expect to find during the experience.

Several of the signature resort events throughout the year will also feature the GMC name. This brand will be the signature sponsor for the Snow Daze, Beaver Creek Culinary Weekend, Spring Fever, Spring Gruv, and several other events that take place throughout the year.

With GMC as the signature sponsor, you can expect to see a variety of vehicles offered that can make sure those in attendance can experience what it’s like to drive and ride in a GMC model that is built with upscale features that give you the comfort and quality you can expect.

As the brand that wants to be known as the adventure choice for those willing to spend more for the comfort and vacation time on the slopes, GMC has taken a bold step and makes it possible for those who visit these resorts to learn more about what they has to offer.

Once these folks come down off the mountains and return to their homes, it’s possible they will consider one of the GMC Trucks, SUVs and other brand vehicles as the model that they will want to drive and enjoy when it’s time to get out on the road every day.

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