Chevrolet Silverado

It seems to be a bit of a cat and mouse game with the winner getting the cheese. As the mice of the world, we love to see the different details that can be enjoyed when it comes to the new models that are going to be offered as they are spied testing on the roads with the camouflage that can be found covering the vehicles that are being developed. As a model comes closer to being ready to for the drive on the road, the newly designed 2019 Chevrolet Silverado has been seen on the roads once again.

This time, the truck is wearing the body tight camouflage that looks like white and black swirls covering the truck. These swirls weren’t able to hide the fact this new Silverado is a truck that brings in a new design that we’re sure to admire and enjoy when it makes its way to the market. The shape and the curves of the new Silverado allows us to see this truck will be one that shows up with a completely new design for the drive and for the features that you’ll want to enjoy if this is the truck you choose to be yours.

Shapley and Powerful

The new 2019 version of the Chevrolet Silverado shows a new style that runs down the sides of the truck and allows the truck to offer a redesigned appearance that looks more svelte than the current boxy model that we see on the market. Even though this truck has a change in shape, it’s one that still retains the recognizable Chevy shape that is unmistakable when you head out on the road. The Silverado has been a truck that’s become one of the most admired and desired trucks for many years and this new look certainly captures your attention.

Although the style will change and become something that’s a bit different for the drive, the Silverado is being offered with a new V6 diesel engine that will be used with the ten-speed automatic transmission that’s been developed in conjunction with the Ford team. This new transmission and smaller engine are much lighter than what we currently have. The body of the Silverado is also lighter with the use of aluminum which gives this new truck a look and a feel that is impressive and the ability to make better overall use of the horsepower included for the drive.

Camo or Bust

When will we see the new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado without any camouflage? The expected release location for this new truck is in Detroit at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in January. I’m sure we’ll learn even more about this new truck leading up to this show and will certainly receive a full report regarding what it will offer and what we can have when it’s time to head out on the roads and take a drive in the truck we put to work on a daily basis or take to the lake for some fun and recreation.

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