The best colleges to receive an education in digital marketing can be put into a few different groups to help you figure this out.

These different groups involve the length of time you want to spend in school, whether or not you want to be on campus, and if you would rather study from home. Let’s dive in and see where you should get your education in digital marketing.

Certificate Programs

If you want to spend the least amount of time in school and would like to complete a certificate program, this is the list for you. You’ll spend less time and money gaining the certification you desire and know that you can use your certificate to get a good job when you’re done.

The colleges with the best certificate program are:

• Duke University –Through the Continuing Studies program you can receive a Digital Media and Marketing Certificate.

• The University of Vermont –Their certificate program is called Digital Marketing Fundamental Certificate.

• DePaul University –complete the Integrated Marketing Communications Certificate program either online or in-person.

• University of California, Irvine –This school offers a Digital Marketing Certificate program that can be completed online.

• Oregon State University –The certificate is called Digital Brand Management and it gives you what you need.

• University of La Verne –This private school offers you a Digital Marketing Certificate program that makes it easy for you to complete your education.

• Rutgers University –Another name you know where you can complete an online Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing and a Digital Marketing Certificate.

• University of Wisconsin –Milwaukee –Complete the Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing and get ready for a great job.

• University of Washington –This school calls its certificate a Certificate in Storytelling and Content Strategy which can give you the education you need.

• University of Illinois –Called the Digital Marketing certificate, you’ll have everything you need when you complete this program.

Four-Year Degree Programs

When you’re going to spend the time and money to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree, you’ll complete courses in Business Marketing at any of these colleges. Digital marketing is only part of the program that gives you a complete education in the marketing world.

Colleges with the best four-year marketing degree programs:

• University of Michigan –Ann Arbor

• University of Pennsylvania

• New York University

• University of Texas at Austin

• Indiana University –Bloomington

• University of California –Berkeley

• University of North Carolina –Chapel Hill

• University of Virginia

• University of Wisconsin –Madison

• University of Florida

Online Degree Programs

If you’re looking for a program you can complete in your free time and online, you’re going to have several great colleges to choose from. You can finish a degree in digital marketing or earn a certificate completely online at any of the following schools.

Online programs:

• Southern New Hampshire University

• Purdue University Global

• University of Maryland Global Campus

• Arizona State University –Tempe

• Appalachian State University

• New York University

• Oregon State University

• California Baptist University

• Walden University

• Liberty University Online

Expected Courses at These Colleges

When you attend one of the many schools that offer various digital marketing degrees and certificates, you should have a course of study that teaches you about the digital world of today.

Many of the classes you’ll find should cover the following topics:

• Search Engine Optimization

• Content Marketing

• Social Media Marketing

• Mobile Marketing

• Pay Per Click

• Conversion Optimization

• Web Analytics

• Email Marketing

• Paid Search

• Display Advertising

• Analytics

• Search Engine Marketing Strategies

• Mobile-First Optimization

• Video Marketing

Find the Program that Fits You

Even though we listed thirty different colleges with the various certificate and degree programs, not all of them are the same. You’ll have to search and find the degree program that fits your needs and give you the education you’re looking for. Once you find the program that fits you, it’s time to get to work and earn that certificate or degree.

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