Variations on a Pair of Beauties

When luxury brands are spoken about, BMW is always at or near the top of the list of brands that you know you can trust and enjoy the drive. This is the brand that is not only able to fill vehicles with luxury features but also brings you athletic models that are perfect for you on the roads you drive.

With this in mind, BMW has continued to develop its SUV range to give us models that sit higher, ride right, and offer us the spacious cabin needed to carry people and cargo wherever you need to go.
BMW has a wonderful habit of offering a variety of choices and variants on the models that are offered to make it possible for us to have the driving experience and the qualities that are desired. Some of these models are built for specific purposes to make sure you can engage the drive in a way that allows you to have the performance you’re looking for.

With that in mind, there are two new versions of the BMW X5 and X6 SUVs that are being offered to give you more choices and what you’re looking for in the near future from these two models.

The BMW SUV Special Editions

The first one of the two is the new X5 Special Edition which is a simple name that tells you a lot of about what you’ll find with this vehicle. This version uses the standard M Sport package, offers you Dakota leather trim, Alcantara upholstery, or BMW individual extended leather for the interior, M seat badging, and tinted windows.

These simple but important changes can be enjoyed on every trim of the X5 except the M50d if you want to have this look and feel for the SUV you love to drive.

For the X6, the new version is called the X6 M Sport Edition. This version of the SUV brings you the gorgeous look of the Long Beach Blue metallic exterior paint, carbon fiber interior trim elements, 20-inch M wheels with an option for 21-inch wheels, and the M Sport package.

This incredible sport version of the X6 is also offered across all of the trims with the exception of the M50d version, making it possible for you to ride higher and enjoy the attractive new look and feel of the Sport Edition model that you want to drive.

These two new SUV versions will be offered alter this year with the expected arrival of these two models being in December of this year. Once these two show up, you’re going to be able to have the driving experience and a sportier look on both of these SUVs, which are already sporty in their appearance.

Will you drive the X5 Special Edition or the X6 Sport Edition? These are two luxury models that are certainly worth consideration if you’re looking for the right vehicle for you to have the drive and the comfort you want to enjoy out on the road.

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