This Polaris Can Get You There

Stop near your favorite hunting or outdoor area and ask yourself why you’re walking in with all your gear? Unless you like to hike with your gear and enjoy the rustic outdoor experience of roughing it, you should consider the purchase of a Polaris ATV that can help you get where you need to go to enjoy the outdoor experience that you’re looking for. The Polaris Ranger Crew 570-4 EPS is an ATV that has the size, the power, and the capability to take you and some of your friends to the remote destination so that you can enjoy the wilderness.

Haul More, Take More and Let this Polaris do the Job

You can take three additional people with you to the destination of your choosing and know that this vehicle can get the job done. The Ranger Crew 570-4 EPS is capable of towing up to 1,500 pounds while carrying up to 1,250 pounds of payload. The cargo box can handle 500 pounds of the weight and you can certainly take the entire crew to the destination so that you can have a weekend full of fun and enjoyment in your favorite wilderness area.

A Vehicle that Works from Polaris

Just because this Polaris ATV is built to take you to the recreation area doesn’t mean you can’t use it for the work you need to accomplish around your property. This vehicle offers you 44 horsepower from the engine and the toughness and ride height that will allow it to handle all the obstacles you might find on your property. Fill the box with the materials you need, hitch up a trailer, and take the Ranger Crew 570-4 EPS out to the corners of your land to help you get the job done much easier.

Fun Around the House Too

When your family visits and you want to show them a good time, load them up in this ATV and let them enjoy the ride. This vehicle is built with a comfortable cabin that has an adjustable tilt steering wheel and the suspension that will handle the rough ride on the terrain in your area. Have some fun showing off what the Polaris Ranger Crew can do and let four people experience the quality and fun that you enjoy on a daily basis in this impressive ATV that allows you to get the job done.

The Right Place to Shop for this Polaris

If this is the right vehicle for you to have the ability to head out in the wilderness area you love to explore or to get work done around the house, you need to see the team at Jeff Schmitt Lawn & Motorsports. This is where you’ll find the Polaris Ranger Crew 570-4 EPS and a friendly staff of experts that can help you enjoy this impressive vehicle and show you what it has to offer.

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