It’s important that you put your information on the social media platforms that are getting the most traffic and used most often.

If you’re posting your social media content on Myspace, you’re certainly not getting noticed.  Even though they are losing some traction, and are most popular with an older demographic, Facebook and Twitter are still important. After these two, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok are all popular choices.

Use the Top Four Platforms for the Greatest Impact

When you have a limited marketing budget for social media, you need to select the platforms that are going to give you the greatest return on your time and investment. With that in mind, the four platforms you need to use most are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. These four will make the greatest impact, reach the largest audience, and bring you the greatest returns on your investment.

Using YouTube for Social Media

Videos are some of the most widely shared and engaging forms of social digital activity today. You can get the feeling from a subject in a video of what they feel, how they react to elements in the environment, and see how items work. Using videos to engage customers and create community involvement is one of the best ways to keep viewers watching. These videos can be shared across different platforms.

Create a channel on YouTube and you’ll have the videos in a library where you need them and can then share them across platforms. Your audience can grow quickly with the right videos, bringing more viewers to your channel which might allow you to create a subscription service for your content.

Facebook is Relevant

While the average age of Facebook users is older than before, and this platform has a breach a couple of years ago, using Facebook is extremely important to your social media strategy. You can share your dealership content easily, allow viewers to make comments every day, and offer events, special announcements, or share community events with your followers. Keep your customers informed of what’s going on at the dealership. Create how-to videos, showcase your products, let them have special discounts for services by following your page, and share some Facebook-specific promotions that will make your followers feel special.

Instagram for the Most Active Social Medial Audience

The fact that Facebook and Instagram are now joined at the hip makes it easy for you to reach across both platforms for the largest audience. If you’re looking for the social media platform that has the largest and most active audience, Instagram is where you’ll find them. This platform allows you to take pictures, share videos, and showcase events through the use of Instagram Stories.

The following you find on Instagram is one that will connect with you and engage in conversations and content to see what you’ve got to offer. Similar to Facebook, you can easily create events, showcase your products, and share your team in some fun videos or several images that you’ll offer your followers.

Twitter, Strong and Ready

Since 2013, Twitter has been responsible for billions of dollars of automotive sales and it has continued to grow since that time. Make Twitter part of your social media strategy and know that it can bring you sales without a lot of effort on your part. It’s easy to link your Twitter account with Facebook and Instagram to share the content easily across all three platforms.

You have an audience that’s looking for something new to drive and the new vehicle they want is waiting for them in your Twitter feed. Showcase your products, offer your services, and connect with your followers through a platform that’s responsible for the most automotive sales on social media.

Short of Ideas for your Posts; Here’s a Few for You

When you’re not sure what to post on your social media accounts, these are some surefire ideas that have worked many times for other auto dealers:

• Community Engagement-Show you care, share events, showcase your team attending events and helping out, let your community see you in action

• Products Shown Feature –Showcase the vehicles you offer on Facebook using the Products Show feature. This offers you an organized way to share what you’re selling.

• Amazing Images –Make the most engaging and artistic images part of your Instagram offering and see how quickly people react to what you have to offer

• Add Customer Feedback –The positive customer testimonials you receive can be part of what makes others decide to buy from you. Share your reviews on your social media platforms.

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