Whether you want a small hatchback with lots of fun built-in or you’re searching for a small sedan that can be easy to enjoy, the Ford Focus could be the right car for you. With this car, you’ll find tons of creature comforts, an easy drive, and the low price that you’re after. Ask your local Ford team to show you the Focus and let it become the right car today.

Pay Less for Your Drive

You’re not likely to find a brand-new Ford Focus when you’re ready to drive. The final year of production for this car was 2018 and nearly all models have been sold and driven already. This means you will most likely find a used version of the Focus to drive. Even if you’re lucky enough to locate a model that’s still brand-new, you will have some amazing discounts and deals for this car.

Enjoy the High-Tech Features of the Ford Focus

Lots of features are packed into the Ford Focus. The base S trim comes with a USB port, voice controls, Bluetooth, a rearview camera, and a 4.2-inch touchscreen. If you find this model, you won’t feel that you’re being left out of the mix when it comes to the drive you want to enjoy when you head out on the road.

Drive Quiet in the Right Ford

Most small cars are loud, let in a lot of the road noises, and make it hard for you to have the drive you desire. The Ford Focus is much quieter than these others. You’ll find a well-insulated cabin that makes things quieter no matter where you go. Step inside, take this little car on the highway or drive it around in the city and see what this little Ford has for you.

Focus on the Sporty Feeling

When you get behind the wheel of the Focus, you’ll be seated in comfortable sport seats and enjoy the zippiness of the engine that gives you plenty of acceleration during your drive. This is a car that’s easy to drive and gives you a youthful and fun experience when you’re behind the wheel. Step inside and let this car become the one that you want to enjoy every day.

Infotainment Found at Higher Trims of the Ford Focus

If you find an SEL or Titanium trim of the Ford Focus, you’ll have the connectivity of a Sync 3 infotainment system that has the connection of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You’ll also enjoy the functions offered on the eight-inch touchscreen that gives you the apps that you’re used to seeing right in front of you. If you want these features, make sure you look for one of these trims.

Impressive Cargo Space Offered

For being one of the smallest sedans in the market, you’ll find a 13.2 cubic-foot trunk in the Ford Focus. This trunk gives you room for what you need and makes it possible for you to enjoy fitting larger items inside when you fold the rear seats down. The hatchback models offer even more room with the space that reaches up to the roof.

Handling is Excellent in the Ford Focus

The Focus brings you a fine-tuned suspension that gives you the driving feeling you want and the handling you’re after. Enjoy the precision and the lightness of this ride when you’re behind the wheel. Most small cars feel heavy, but the Focus gives you a drive that will put a smile on your face and give you the experience you want to enjoy when you head out on the road.

The Cold Weather Package Could be Great for You

You might find the Cold Weather Package on the Ford Focus you choose. This package is available for all trims above the base S model, and it gives you heated front seats, a heated steering wheel, and a set of heated mirrors. If you’re living in a colder climate, you’ll be glad to have this package as part of the vehicle that you drive.

Check Out the Ford Focus Availability

Find out what trims and packages are on the Ford Focus models being sold at your local Ford dealer today. This is where you can find a car that gives you an excellent drive, brings you the quality feel you want on the road, and makes it much easier for you to go where you want to every day. This little car can be the one that has the right package of features and the low price you’re looking for.


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