If your vehicle doesn’t give you the feeling that it’s going to give you the reliability to get you where you need to go, whenever you need to go there you’re going to have headaches every time you head out for a drive. With that in mind, many of the models we see on the market today are more than capable of at least the basics of getting the drive done on the road, but some brands are known to last longer and give you the value you want. These models are the ones you want to trust for your drive while others are some you should avoid. Here are some of the most and least reliable models you can find when searching for the right vehicle for you.

The Most Reliability in Models

Toyota 4Runner – The Toyota 4Runner is the SUV that’s simple to understand and offers you the drive you’re looking for along with the ability to head out on the roads and trails to get things done. You’ll love the technology offered with this vehicle that makes it one that can handle the fun you’re looking for. This is one ride that gives you the reliability you are looking for.

Audi Q7 – This is an impressive luxury SUV that represents the look and feel that you want when you drive. This SUV is ready to give you everything you’re looking for. Check out the agility, reliability, technology and interior space offered when you choose this as the mode you want to drive.

Chevrolet Cruze – if you want a compact car that can give you the qualities that are going to give you the experience you want while being offered at a low and affordable price, you’re going to love this car for the drive. Check it out at your nearby Chevrolet dealer today.

Mercedes-Benz GLC- Class – You should be able to rely on an SUV at the top of the market and this one certainly allows you to have more fun than you would ever think possible. Whether you take it off the road or simply drive it around on the paved strips, this SUV works well for you.

Lexus GS – Check out this large luxury sedan and know you’re going to have a model that can offer you the quality drive you’re looking for. This reliable model has a massive quantity of technology that makes it possible for you to drive in and a smooth and comfortable car.

Lexus GX – As the large and impressive SUV that works great for you, you’re going to experience the ride you’re looking for and the clarity of the Mark Levinson audio system that provides you when you’re looking for a great vehicle to drive.

Audi Q3 – Her is a small SUV with the benefit of an interior that is touted as one of the most impressive on the market. You’ll also enjoy the 4G LTE Wi-Fi system offered with this SUV when you get on the road and have a lot of fun from behind the wheel.

Chevrolet Suburban/GMC Yukon XL – This pair of massive SUVs models are easy to drive but sometimes leave you wanting more with the transmission that’s included in them. The electronics can often be funky and need to be a bit better for your ride.

Chrysler 200 – Because of what this car has become, it won’t be around any longer. The Chrysler 200 is a car that can be considered uncomfortable to ride in and offer a transmission that is rough as well to make this one of the cars you might want to avoid.

Tesla Model X – This one shouldn’t surprise you. From the onset, the Model X showed up with problems with the doors and the electronics. This SUV does not have the reliability you are looking for. So much so that it had Elon Musk sleeping at the office in between bouts of trying to fix the issues and field complaint calls.

Ram 2500 – This heavy-duty truck is one that should be useful, and give you no troubles at all, but instead it offers steering vibrations and a troublesome 4WD system that can make it one that you would rather leave to someone else.
Chevrolet Tahoe/ GMC Yukon – Is it a surprise these two are on the list with the first models that made this part of the conversation? These two have steering vibrations and a transmission that will make you wonder if the vehicle is going to make it where you want to go.

Ford Fiesta – If you want to see a car that has been complained about a great deal, this is the one you can find. There should be some noise expected, but the transmission that’s part of the Fiesta is one that leaves you sitting back wondering if you’ll get there. Reliability is questionable in this ride.

Fiat 500L – This is one of the worst vehicles made in the past ten years and it should be replaced or deleted by the brand in the near future. If you’re thinking about buying this vehicle, I have one word of advice, don’t.

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