The Next Type from Jaguar

Over the past several years, Jaguar has been a brand that uses one word to describe their sports cars “Type.” This word has held a weighty level of enjoyment from the automotive world for many years as we wait with anticipation to find out what the next sports car will be from the Jaguar brand. Whether is been an affordable and angry roadster or a hypercar to compete at the top level of the exotic car community, Jaguar gives us the hint at a sports car simply by adding Type to the end of its name.

First the C-Pace and now the J-Type

Recently, we’ve seen that Jaguar has filed a trademark with the European Intellectual Property Office for the C-Pace, which hints at another SUV to be offered for the market. Seeing that the market is going to grow and improve over the next years and the call for more SUVs grown more than ever before, Jaguar has decided to work toward making a massive push toward the right number of SUVs for us to choose from. While the C-Pace name might not have much to do with sports cars, the C-Pace name was unveiled before the finding of the J-Type name.

What the J-Type could be in the future is a brand new sports car that could fit into the lineup from Jaguar in a way that can make it a lot of fun. While all we know right now is that Jaguar has filed a patent for the name and it will likely be a new car, the name invokes some of the previous sports cars of the past. The E-Type was one of the most admired models we saw and the current F-Type is a car that comes in a powerful and fun build with a few different trims to choose from.

What Will the J-Type Be?

The only thing we can surmise from the filing with the patent office is the fact that the J-Type will certainly be a sports car, but what kind? If it’s supposed to be a replacement for the F-Type it could have the engine up front and offer us the power and build we already know and admire with a movement forward, but there have been some rumors that the new J-Type could be a mid-engine model to allow it to compete on a much higher level than the F-Type.

Now that our curiosity has been piqued it’s going to be an interesting journey to go from a patent filing for the name of the J-Type to a sports car that’s able to proudly wear the Jaguar name. No matter what, it’s going to be a lot of fun to see what this car will become and the amazing sports car style and power that Jaguar will put in the vehicle that will give us the drive we can admire and enjoy. I’m certain we’ll have some excellent updates as we get much closer to what the car will be when it’s time for this new fun machine to arrive.

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