Selling cars is an extremely competitive business and you want to spend advertising money the right way which could be using PPC for Bing.

There might be. If you’re operating a small car dealership, new in town, or want to reach those customers who prefer to use Bing over Google, you’ll find several advantages to the PPC ads that can be part of the Bing search engine.

Comparing the Costs Could be the Deciding Factor

Before ever looking at the advantages you might find by using Bing for PPC rather than Google, we should talk about the cost. The cost of a click on Bing is typically 30-40 percent lower than it is on Google AdWords. This could translate into hundreds of dollars in advertising savings for you every month. This is certainly something to think about.

Bing Offers Better Targeting for PPC

When you use Google for your advertising, you are forced to offer ads across all mobile devices. Some ads appear better on smartphones than on tablets and vice versa. Bing allows you to narrow your target with the selection of specific devices for the reach you desire. This allows you to narrow down the groups interested in your ads and what devices they are using to ensure your ads are made for what they use to view them.

Your Search Demographic is More Specific with Bing

Google Ads allows to control the demographic being targeted on the Google Display Network but that isn’t available in the search network with the exception of the age parameter. When you use PPC for Bing, you’ll control the age and gender of people who see your ad, which allows you to create ads that appeal more to one gender or the other.

Is Bing Being Used Enough to be Worth Your Time and Energy?

If you’re considering a PPC for Bing campaign, you want to know you’re going to get value out of your investment. Currently, nearly 34 percent of monthly searches use Bing in the United States. Around the world, Bing is searched nearly 11 billion times a year. You may be able to narrow these stats to see if Bing is being used enough in your local area, but based on these first two stats, it seems that you should at least consider Bing advertising.

Bing is more than a search engine and ads that pop up. This platform has several apps that are used by people around the world every day. These apps include Windows 10, Cortana, and various Office programs. Bing is also a partner with Amazon and works with Spotlight and Siri to make searching very easy for many users.

Get More Out of Each Click With Bing

Using PPC for Bing, you’ll get more out of each click on your ads. Similar to Google Ads, you bid on keywords, and on Bing, they are much more affordable than on Google. Your ads are displayed at the top of the search page when the keywords are searched but these ads are also shown on one of the partner websites.

Should You Use PPC for Bing?

Whether you’re a large car dealership that’s part of a group or you’ve just opened a small dealership and want to get your feet wet in your local market, advertising on Bing can benefit your business. Google is the most popular search engine, but you don’t want to ignore the numbers and shy away from the local customers who are using Bing every day as their preferred search engine.

How Can You Implement Bing into Your Budget?

Because the clicks are more affordable, the keywords are less competitive, and you’ll spend less to have a PPC for Bing campaign than a Google AdWords campaign, you should be able to allocate some advertising funds to Bing. With the tools offered on Bing, you can easily monitor your advertising campaign and see if it’s worth your time to continue to use Bing as part of your advertising.

Yes, Bing is Worth it for Car Dealers

As a car dealer, you want to make sure your ads show up online where your customers are. If 34 percent of your local shoppers are using Bing every day, shouldn’t you be advertising in this area? Of course you should be, and that means creating a campaign for Bing. Ask your digital marketing team to create a PPC for Bing campaign and capture leads from the users who prefer this search engine to Google.

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