Organic search results are created naturally, while paid search efforts, such as PPC marketing, could offer a more immediate impact.

When you look at these two types of searches and the results given, you’ll quickly realize that organic search results are the most desirable because they don’t cost anything, but you can’t always rely on your search position to organically be at the top, which makes paid search results necessary.

What Are the Differences

Organic is Just What it Sounds Like

When you employ organic search marketing in your strategy, you’re expecting the results you receive to be gained naturally. Your company isn’t paying for keywords, you’re not paying for advertising on websites, and you’re using natural tactics to move your content up the rankings on Search Engine Results Pages. If this process sounds exhaustive, it certainly can be.

To increase the ranking of your pages naturally, you must focus on the quality of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing along with your titles, tags, meta descriptions, URLs, and keywords. Even if you do all of these things right, you might not make it to the first page of Google for up to sixth months. If you have that kind of time to wait, you can certainly employ organic search strategies, but your content will need to be evergreen in nature.

Paid Search is Necessary for Your Business

No one wants to pay money they don’t need to, but you can’t get new information to your customers without paying for your search engine advertising. Unless you’re looking into the future six months, you won’t see the results you need unless you pay for them. One of the most popular ways to advertise using paid methods is with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing.

PPC marketing is an excellent way for you to get your message across and control how much you spend. You’re paying for the ad, and you pay for each time an online user clicks on your ad. You can set the limit to the number of clicks you’re willing to pay for, which gives you the control you need. You can also measure the path a user takes from your ad to the point of sale where they can buy from your company.

How Can Paid Search be Beneficial to Your Company?

Paid search ads will bring you nearly immediate results. These ads can have images, text, and work with your product listing ads as well. Your PPC campaign can boost the quality scores and bring your landing pages to the top page of search engines without the need to wait for organic methods to work for you. Doing this is a low-cost, effective way to be in front of your shoppers right away.

Paid Search Brings You to the Top Positions On a SERP

When you look at the search results from any search you perform, the top three spots have the word “Ad” next to them. These three positions have been paid for by those companies. They paid for the keywords uses and typically have created the most authoritative content for that topic to be in this position. If you want to be in one of these positions, your company will have to use paid search methods.

Should You Ignore Organic Search?

If paid search is immediately impactful and can bring you to the top of search engines, why should you use organic search methods? Your organic content is likely to be of higher quality than your paid content and can give you the boost you need over a longer time. Evergreen content is content that is valuable, regardless of the time of year. This is the best type of content to use with organic search efforts to make sure your site will rank and be found easily.

Balance Must be Achieved for Success

It might sound like an old martial arts proverb from one of the many movies offered to us over the past half-century, but you do need to have balance to be successful. Your PPC marketing campaign is just as important as using organic search processes to reach your shoppers. With both paid and organic search methods being used, your website will be more authoritative in your industry and give you the visibility desired.

Now that you know you need both paid and organic search processes in your marketing, it’s time to get to work. Understand the value of both and create the content and advertising that will entice your shoppers to go from clicks to leads to sales.

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