The New Hyundai Veloster Turbo Packs a Memorable Drive

For a few years, we tried to figure out what the Hyundai Veloster was supposed to be. This car was advertised as a sports car when it arrived on the scene, but it never really lived up to this moniker at all. Instead, the Veloster became mired as a quirky and odd hatchback that was literally a sheep in wolf’s clothing. This slow moving vehicle wasn’t built to offer an exciting ride and have the qualities you wanted for the drive, even though the shape and style were present for this to be a fun and active sports car.

Things Have Changed for the Veloster

The 2019 model year will usher in the first year of the second generation of the Hyundai Veloster that you can enjoy on the road. This car now makes use of the “velo” part of its name by giving you a glorious 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that offers 201 horsepower and 195 lb.-ft. of torque for the drive. This car weighs only 2,899 pounds which is a lightweight in this class to give you the ability to enjoy the full benefit of the power this car has to offer.

More Changes than Just the Power

Not only has Hyundai upped the ante with an exciting turbocharged engine the Veloster Turbo model, but they have also added a variety of suspension, performance, and control features that make it possible for this car to be a lot of fun to drive. When you get behind the wheel of the Veloster today, you’re going to love the feeling, enjoy the excitement, and realize this version of the car is exactly what it was supposed to be from the beginning. This new Veloster is the right one and it gives you the drive you’re sure to admire every day.

The Style of the Veloster Carries Onward

The car that was a quirky three-door hatchback continues to be just that. This new Veloster model is one that still doesn’t have a rear door on the driver’s side and only has a small back seat area. There’s generous room in the rear for the gear you need to take with you, and this impressive model is one that’s offered with the sporty feeling and style that you’re going to admire when you step outside to take this car for a drive on the roads in your area.

Another Veloster on the Way

The Hyundai Veloster will be the first model in North America to receive the “N” sub-brand treatments from the Hyundai team. This is the new performance name offered by Hyundai and it will allow the Veloster to be the car that shows you just how much of a sports car this impressive model can be. While we wait for the Veloster N to arrive, we can enjoy what the Veloster Turbo has to offer and realize that Hyundai was finally able to make good on their promise that this car would be the sporty model in their lineup.

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