At this point, crossover vehicles are a dime a dozen, as they’re slowly eclipsing the sedan market, as well as the SUV market. Many people are favoring the crossover vehicle, so it would seem that all of the major manufacturers are scrambling to come up with new and different crossovers to wow the buying community. The biggest issue with this mass-market surge of crossover vehicles is that no one is doing anything different to surprise us and keep us interested in what they have to offer. However, Kia may just have something a little bit different for us.

Kia began in 1945 in Seoul, South Korea, and they started out making bicycle parts and steel tubing. Gradually they made their trek across the United State, and have quickly become quite popular here. At first, they made budget friendly vehicles that sold moderately well in the U.S., but they’re now producing over two million vehicles per year, have many major sponsorships, and their vehicles are publicly endorsed by major celebrities. With an impressive lineup, a third of their company owned by Hyundai, and a brand new hybrid crossover called the Niro, Kia is on the right track to make 2016 an impressive year.
Kia has been readily recognized in recent years as one of the greenest brands on the market, as their vehicles are ultra-efficient. Kia has also enacted a plan to produce eleven eco-dynamic models over the next five years. They’ve recently announced plans for both hybrid and plug-in hybrid models, and the Niro will be added to their existing hybrid lineup.

It’s Quality, and It Pays Off

Sometimes hybrid vehicles can look at little bit cheaply made, as manufacturers often seek to reduce the weight of these vehicles to improve their efficiency. The Niro, however, is quite different in its construction and manages to look every bit as expensive as high-end hybrid models. Kia has included both steel and aluminum in its construct, and with its design, it is looking to do some serious competition for other eco-friendly brands. It shares the same length wheelbase as hybrid giant, Toyota Prius, and offers an insanely efficient gas mileage of nearly fifty miles per gallon. Add in one of the top rated infotainment systems, UVO, and the Kia Niro may, very well, outperform other hybrids in its class.

Hybrid Performance Unlike Others

Kia is promising incredible performance; better than that of other hybrids on the market. Not only is this vehicle quite attractive, but it is also a solidly built crossover vehicle that gets things moving like an all-gas vehicle. There are plans to do an electric version of the Niro as well, but the Soul already has an EV version so they’re not in a rush to get it to the market. Within the next several years, Kia has some big plans for their brand, but the Niro should be big news for this year.
They’ve focused their attention in multiple directions while maintaining a cohesive design strategy. They want the Niro to get fantastic gas mileage, but Kia made it their mission to ensure that this wasn’t their number one priority. Kia also turned their attention to making sure that the Niro would be aerodynamic without sacrificing the intelligent design and aesthetics of the car. Often, hybrid cars look quite futuristic and bullet shaped in order to maximize the car’s aerodynamics and minimize wind resistance, but Kia’s Niro is more in tune with a traditional crossover vehicle’s appearance.

Hats Off to Kia

When it comes to car manufacturing, things have to get better over the years to keep them popular, and Kia has done just that. What was once a pretty basic little car manufacturer, now has some of the hottest cars on the market and some of the best warranties. Kia is embracing the future of vehicular design with their plan to go greener in the coming years. With a solid standing in the automotive market, the more risks Kia takes, the more they may pay off in the end. Kia is one manufacturer that has gone from producing perfectly good cars to producing exceptional head-turners.

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