Keywords are the words and phrases used when people search online. Google and other search engines use these keywords to rank pages.

There are many factors in the ranking of a website, but when it comes to your car dealer website, the SEO strategy is going to revolve around using the right keywords to rank your website.

Use the Right Terms

How do you search for the vehicle you want to buy? Are you looking for a specific model year, make of vehicle, type of vehicle, mileage, or feature? Considering the various aspects of the vehicle that you drive every day, there are thousands of ways you can search for different aspects of the vehicle you want, and that’s where you need assistance for your website. Think about the terms you might use as a start for your dealership SEO strategy.

SEO is the Backbone of Your Website

Many factors go into creating a website that’s appealing, professional, and filled with great information for your customers, but one of the most important is the SEO strategy through the keywords you implement. Using the right terms will help you expand your reach, gain new customers, and can result in a higher Click Through Rate.

Knowing Some Terms

Before you research the keywords, you will use in your SEO, you need to understand some common terms. Some of these are:

• Relevance-refers to the relation of the keywords to your content

• Phrase Length –means how long your keyword phrase is

• Volume –is how frequently users are typing in the keywords in search engine bars

• Competition –refers to how many other people are using these keywords or placing bids for them on Google AdWords. Words that are higher in the competition are more expensive and may lower your chances of ranking on the first page of search engines.

Types of Keywords

Finding the right terms to use is to know the different types that are out there. The head keywords are typically only one or two words in length and have a high search volume. Body keywords are phrases that are typically two to three words in length and have a moderate search volume. Long tail keywords are four or more words that are strung together and often have lower competition but account for a large amount of web traffic.

What does this mean for you? Using longer phrases is more specific and will garner fewer results when people are searching for them. The use of long tail keywords is more relevant to your website content and will result in higher Click Through Rates. When you reach for terms that have too much competition for them, you’re going to lower your chances of being seen on the search engine pages.

How Can You Find the Right Terms?

After piquing your thought process about how a customer might think, you are on the path to finding the keywords that will work to aid your dealership’s SEO strategy. What are your customers searching for? This is what you want to consider when selecting the terms that will be used to make your site easy to find in the search engines. Research car trends and check what the most common searches are right now.

Your geographic location matters as well. Most people search for a vehicle close to where they live, which means you can use keywords that offer a geographic element to help narrow the search for your customers. Using your Google Analytics or Google AdWords account, you can use the Google Keyword Planner to find the search volume and competition of the keywords you want to use.

How to Use Keywords on Your Website

Your primary term should be near the beginning of your web page title and in the page description. They should also be in the first paragraph of the text on each page. Once you have these things accomplished, you should use different variations of the primary keywords so that your content isn’t too repetitive.

You’ll also want to consider using terms that are related to your primary keyword and add them to the content on your website. This allows Google to show related searches at the bottom of the page when a user searches for related terms and not your primary keyword.

Let Keywords Be Part of Your Success

Your customers start their search for what your car dealership offers by looking online. If you’re using proper keywords in your SEO strategy, you’re going to show up when they look for the models you offer. Let these terms be the cornerstone of your success and help you bring more customers to your door.

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