Should you use the Instagram Reels to be more successful on social media? Yes, you certainly should, especially when trying to grow an audience.

The Reels feature of Instagram is a relatively new feature and one that’s meant to help take back some users from TikTok. While this feature has been around for a couple of years, there are still many companies that haven’t found the right way to leverage this part of Instagram. It’s actually pretty simple and can bring more viewers to your content when you simply use the Reels feature instead of posting videos that will only go out to your audience.

Expand your reach on Instagram

When you post videos as stories on this social media platform, those stories are only visible to your followers. This doesn’t do you much good if you’re trying to grow a larger audience. Change that video to one of the Reels and let users find your posts with the Explore feature. This can make a huge difference in the number of users that find your post. Using this feature is an excellent way to expand your reach on this platform.

How can you make the most of this feature?

If you’re trying to understand the purpose of the Instagram Reels feature and how your company can benefit from it, we’ve got some answers for you. Here are some great ways to use this feature to engage with your new audience.

Make your introduction

Speak directly to the camera, build a creative introductory post, use music, or show some text over what you want to say. No matter how you do it, introduce yourself and your company to your audience. This post is a great time to tell your story and let your new followers know what they can expect. Once you’ve created the post, pin it to the top of your grid to be one of the first posts new followers see when they visit your profile page.

Become authentic to your audience

There’s nothing wrong with editing your posts to showcase products and services in their best light, but authenticity helps you connect with your audience. Even if you’re struggling, you can tell your story using Instagram Reels and allow your followers to learn more about your human side. This could be huge in bringing more followers into the fold.

Take your audience behind the scenes

It might not be in your nature to share the recipe before offering the cake, but this allows your audience to get to know you better and understand your story. Does it take several hours to put on makeup, setup, and stage the area, or to get from one step of the process to another? These are things your audience will appreciate and something you can share with them.

You’re the expert; show some great tips and tricks

Whether you’ve created some amazing products or you’ve got services that your audience desires, you’re the expert. Because you are, it’s important to show them how best to use the products and services you offer. This could mean offering a few tips and tricks in your Instagram Reels that can truly benefit your audience. Don’t hold back; let them know how to get the most out of everything your company offers.

Sneak peeks are great for promotions

Do you have a big reveal coming? If you want to get people excited about the new products or services you’ll offer, it’s important to give them a sneak peek into everything you’ve got for them. This could be showing the new items staged; however they should be used or a new item that can make the lives of your customers a bit better. This is a wonderful way to use Instagram Reels and bring more interest to everything you’ve got for your audience.

Resend videos using the Reels feature

Do you have some content that didn’t reach as many users as you would have liked? If so, it could benefit your company to repurpose this content using the Reels feature. Maybe you’ve got a TikTok video that performed well on that platform; bring it over to Instagram and let it perform well on this platform. There’s nothing wrong with utilizing several social channels to reach the users that are out there ready to engage with your company.

Show your audience how to use your products

One of the best ways to help your audience understand how to get the best out of the products you offer is to show them. Creating short how-to videos can become a virtual goldmine and bring everything your audience is looking for to their social media pages. This is a great way to utilize the Instagram Reels feature. Film the actual use of the products, and don’t be afraid to share some tips and tricks in the process. The more value you offer your audience, the better your content is.

What’s the community response? Share it

Have you received several positive reviews for your products? Some of those could be from followers on your social media pages. Share these reviews with one of these videos and include your gratitude for them. This is a wonderful way to gain loyal followers and customers that will be willing to buy more products from you in the future. This compilation of positive customer reviews might become one of the most popular Reels you create and share on this social media platform.

Share a day in the life using this feature

Because the Instagram Reels feature is for short-form videos, it can be the perfect place to share a day in the life story that will give your audience a different behind-the-scenes view of what goes on in your world. Make sure it’s a day with lots going on and several products shown. Make it authentic and let your audience feel your emotions through the video. These videos can be a lot of fun and offer your audience something real and engaging.

How will you utilize the Instagram Reels feature to grow your audience and engage with your current followers? This feature can be invaluable in promoting your company on this social media platform.

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