What happens to an old car when it’s donated? In most cases, car donations are used only for the scrap value, which gives you a minimal tax deduction.
Doesn’t it seem a shame for a vehicle that you donate to be broken down and only used as scrap? A lot of effort, engineering, and production when into turning the raw materials into a car that offered you transportation. There is an alternative and it’s a way you can give hope to others in your area.

Can You Imagine Not Having a Car

Have you always had a car to drive? There are some people in your area that haven’t always had a car to drive. Some people can’t afford to buy a car or their old car broke down on them and they couldn’t replace it. These folks are stuck taking the bus, calling on cabs, hiring Uber drivers, and simply using public transportation to get around.

Its Worse for Single Mothers

Imagine being a single mother without a car. When your child is sick, how do you get them to the doctor or emergency room? When you go for a job interview do you have to tell the hiring manager you can only work based on the bus schedule? These are real challenges faced by single mothers in your area every day. Some car donations can make a difference for these single mothers and offer a tax deduction for you.

Give Hope by Donating to the Newgate School

You can give the single mothers hope and a vehicle they can drive by making one of the car donations to the Newgate School. You will receive a tax deduction certificate and your car, once checked over to be deemed a reliable ride, will be donated to the Wheels for Women program. This program donates cars to single mothers in the area to make it possible for these families to have the transportation needed.

Your Old Car can Help Others Go to School

When you make one of the car donations to the Newgate School you receive more than a tax deduction certificate. You’re donating a car that will be used to train the automotive technicians attending this school. Your old car can give hope and make a difference in the lives of these students in a couple of different ways.

No Tuition Charged at Newgate

Since its beginning, the Newgate School has been self-sustaining and doesn’t charge tuition to students who attend. This means low-income adults with the desire to learn a skill and build a career can attend this school and learn to become automotive technicians. Your old car serves as a tool for them to use for training and education during their time at the school.

Some Cars are Sold, Some Aren’t

If your old car is in good condition and still runs well, the students and staff of the Newgate School will work on it to make sure it’s a reliable vehicle for the next owner. Vehicles that are deemed road-worthy are sold at a private auction to bring money into the school to help pay for the costs of operating this school. Car donations made to this school are not only tax deductions for former owners, they become the financial support needed for this school to continue to operate.

Students Learn from All Cars Donated

Bring your old car to the Newgate School and receive a tax deduction certificate. This school takes all cars in all conditions to help train and teach the students of the school. Even if your old car doesn’t run and needs to be towed in, this school will take it. Students can learn how to fix your old car or what caused it to no longer work, giving them the hands-on experience they need in their training.

The Newgate Staff Handles Car Donations the Right Way

Have you heard horror stories about donating old cars? Forget those stories. Most of them have to do with the title work that’s needed to transfer ownership of a vehicle from you to the organization receiving the donation. The staff of the Newgate School is certified to handle the title work for you. All you need to do is bring your car and the title to this school and they will offer you a tax deduction certificate that you can file with your taxes next year.
Let your old car have a new life and give hope to those who need it. Your car is worth more than the scrap value of the materials used to build it, make one of the car donations for tax deduction to the Newgate School and know that your effort is a big part of making a huge difference in the lives of others.

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