Improve your Google ranking by connecting with a female automotive influencer and watch your content soar and your leads increase.

In a world that’s been dominated by men, there are several women out there showing off cars, offering amazing records, and showing that women love to drive too. With tons of followers on various social media sites, you need to connect and link to one of these amazing women.

Seven Stand-Out Female Automotive Influencers

The Luxury Car Super-Influencer

With over seven milling followers around the world, Alexandra Hirschi, also known as SuperCarBlondie, is one of the most recognizable figures in the automotive world. She comes from Australia and has a TV show called “Car Crews” where show shows off some of the most impressive cars in the world. If you’re pushing high-end luxury cars, you want to connect to her content and hope that she will connect to you and influence your audience.

The Teacher

Women can fix and maintain their own cars and Patrice Banks will show you how. She is the CEO of Girl’s Auto Clinic and is a successful female automotive influencer with more than 18,000 daily followers. Her motto is “if you can’t find a female mechanic, become one” which came out of a desire to find a female mechanic but instead only found images of women in bikinis working on cars. She spends her time teaching women how to work on their own cars.

The Racer

German-based racecar driver Sophia Floersch may only be nineteen years old, but she is a racing badass and one of the most influential women in the sport of auto racing. Her social media engagement has reached more than 2.74 million people in the past six months. She is an extremely accomplished racer, showing the world that a woman can easily handle the horsepower and driving endurance required around the track. If your content is connected to Sophia, you’re going to see your rankings increase.

The CrossFitter

Athletes love cars and one that certainly admires her vehicles is CrossFit Athlete Lauren Fisher. She has over one million followers and is a female automotive influencer that also impacts the fitness movements in our world right now. She is a seven-time CrossFit Games Athlete and an extremely popular fitness influencer. Get fit and get behind the wheel with Lauren by connecting to her content to see where she is going to take you.

The Drift Queen

An obsession with cars is an important factor in finding the right female automotive influencer. Becky Evans is certainly obsessed with cars. This 26-year-old woman has already spent more than twenty years around cars and has become known as the Drift Queen. Her audience is mostly males, but it’s filled with content geared toward women with her “Girls Guide to” series where the end of the sentence is filled with the subject of the content. She loves working on vintage cars and when she began posting photos of her working on her vintage car, her popularity exploded.

The Adventurer

Travel and cars go hand in hand, which makes Karen Ramos aka @naturechola the perfect choice when looking for a female automotive influencer. She is also a Mexican travel influencer from Santa Barbara. She loves nature, camping, and spending time at the beach or in the mountains. She has partnered with Honda and has a large following on Instagram where she shares her travels and shows off her Honda vehicle that takes her where she wants to go.

The Gamer

Canadian gamer Sonja Reid actually lives in Los Angeles and is one of the most influential women in the gaming industry. Known as @OmgitsFireFoxx, her passions aren’t limited to live streaming games, she also has a sponsorship with Karma Automotive. She might have a small niche when it comes to automotive taste, but if your content was connected to her, many gamers would see what you have to offer. She was listed as one of Forbes’s 30 under 30 and is currently worth more than $16 million making her someone you want your content connected to.

Get Linked to the Right Woman

Find the perfect female automotive influencer to connect your content to or offer a connection with. Doing this will increase your visibility, the number of leads, and your ranking on search engines. An influencer in your market makes your social media grow and adds an authoritative position to what you have to offer your customers.

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