One way to get ahead of your competition is to improve your video marketing by creating video content that will engage your audience.

More videos are being viewed online than ever before and using videos to market your car dealership and tell your story makes a lot of sense. What you need to be aware of is how to present your content and what it should include.

Follow the Video Marketing Trends

Currently, there are three major trends in video marketing that you need to be aware of and use in your content. These three trends are:

• Using branding to create a visual identity

• Making videos of all sizes

• Sharing user-generated content in your videos

If you include any of these three trends in your video content, you’re sure to have more viewers watch your videos and enjoy the content you offer.

The Right Tips to Make Your Videos Stand Out

Before you begin to create videos and put them online, you need to have a plan to make sure youknow what you’re going to present and how it will look. It’s going to take some practice to have videos that will perform the way you want. Use these seven tips to help your content stand out.

1. Know Your Audience

Understand the audience you’re targeting with your video marketing. What age group visits your dealership the most? Are more of your customers makinga specific level of income or are they looking for a bargain? Do you have a lot of shoppers searching for utility vehicles or sedans? Create videos that target your audience and show them what they want to see and enjoy when theylook at the content you’ve created to entice them.

2. Build a Narrative

The story throughout your video needs to remain consistent and show your viewers what you’re offering. Let them see the story of your dealership, enjoy what happens behind the scenes, or let them know how to use the features of their new vehicles. Don’t leave out the emotional connection of pride and pleasure that comes with driving one of the cars you have to sell. When you include these elements and stick to your narrative, your video marketing will perform better for you.

3. Using Product Functionalism

What challenges do your customers face when they’re on the road? Can the vehicles on your lot solve these problems for them? If so, show them how buying a vehicle from you can make their lives easier when they need to head out for the day. Your videos should include actual examples and instructions to give your shoppers more information and a solution to their driving challenges.

4. Make Editing a Priority

You want a professional appearance in your videos and much of this takes place when the videos are edited and finished. Make this a priority and spend some time reviewing the videos before you send it to your video or social media channels. This is one of the most important aspects of your video marketing and it will help your dealership appear more professional.

5. Put Money Into Marketing

You need to reach more of your audience on social media than ever before and your videos can help that happen. It’simportant that you put marketing money into the process of sharing your videos where you need to. Have someone on your staff work to ensure full engagement with your audience through social media and you’ll never miss an opportunity to close a deal and bring customers in.

6. Diversify the Kind of Videos

If every video you share is exactly the same and in the same format, you’re going to bore your audience. Use a variety of videos that show different parts of your dealership, different aspects of importance, and a range of products. Your video marketing needs to continually capture the attention of your audience; switch things up and let your viewers enjoy the range and variety you offer.

Platform-Centric Marketing

Video marketing for a specific platform is extremely important. The video that works well on Twitter might not do well on Instagram. By creating videos that are right for the audience on a specific social media platform you give your marketing a chance to fully engage with your potentialcustomers. Strike the right feeling and construct your videos to reach each platform audience in a way that will make them want to come in and shop with your dealership.

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