Chevy Bolt

The challenge of building a long range and affordable EV model was met head-on by Chevrolet.
The Bolt EV was built and offered to be the car that had more than others on the market at a lower price. As we enter the 2019 model year, the Chevrolet Bolt EV continues on to be one of the most impressive and interesting EV models on the market. If you want 238 miles of driving range and a car that can give you what you need for your daily drive, the Bolt EV can be the right choice for you.

Going Green Never Felt So Good

In order to have a vehicle that can meet your daily needs and drive as far as you want, an EV has to offer more than 100 miles of range on a single charge. The Bolt does this and more to make sure you won’t fret when you’re stuck in traffic or behind an accident that’s happened on the road. You can venture out of the city limits and away from charging locations you use every day when the opportunity to explore arrives and you want to take advantage of what you’ve been offered.

Giving You More this Year

Chevrolet did an excellent job of making sure the Bolt EV had everything we wanted to start with, but there’s always ways to improve on every vehicle. For 2019, the Bolt EV is offered with three new colors, a standard Tire Fill Alert Feature, and the new Driver Confidence II package that brings you several new driver assistance items as part of the options for the LT trim. This car is one that can give you the qualities of an EV while feeling like a great car for you to drive, making it easier for you to enjoy being green.

One Pedal is All You Need in the Bolt

The Chevy Bolt is offered with the ability to make use of the regenerative braking system while never having to make use of the brake pedal. When the car is placed in the Low driving mode, the One Pedal Driving system is automatically engaged. This system slows the car once you’ve removed your foot from the accelerator and it can even bring the car to a complete stop when you drive around town at lower speeds. This means you can save the brake pads and reuse the energy that would otherwise be lost.

Its Time to Join the Green Team

If you’re ready to have a great car that gives you the driving range you need while making use of electricity as the power, you need to see your nearby Chevrolet dealer today. Ask them about the new 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV and see just how easily you can make this the EV that offers you everything you’ve been looking for along with the ability to avoid the gas station. The Bolt EV has changed the EV market for good and it’s time for you to join the Green Team and buy yours today.

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