Don’t allow digital marketing for your dealership to be a mystery. With the right tools and reporting, you’ll know if you’ve got it right.

As the world continues to move forward and technology is becoming smarter, your car dealership needs to keep up with the changes in the market to make sure your name shows up at the top of search pages.

The Essential Digital Marketing Toolkit

Google Analytics

The first tool you’re going to need when you’re looking at what will make the most sense for your dealership is Google Analytics. This is the foundation of your strategy and it allows you to make decisions about your website.

Reviewing volumes of data the analytics can give you the following information:

• Where shoppers come from

• What devices they used

• Where they went on your website

• Where they left

• How long shoppers are typically on your pages

• Which pages convert and which don’t

• Demographic information of site visitors

• Site speed

• Goal completions

Ensure your AdWords and Search Console accounts are integrated into your Google Analytics to pull more data. Google Analytics also allows you to set up custom dashboards and easily access the data that reflects your digital marketing efforts.

Google AdWords

The words and phrases used in the content of your digital marketing strategy come from your Google AdWords account. You select and big on the keywords that are most relevant to your dealership branding and the search that users perform when online.

Using AdWords in conjunction with Analytics, you’ll see which terms are more likely to compel shoppers to buy the vehicles that you’re selling at your dealership. It’s important to use as many keywords as possible to create multiple ad groups that fall into several campaigns. The more specific you can be, the higher your quality score will be.


One of the most powerful tools to supplement Google Analytics is Moz. This is a tool that aligns with vital SEO factors including directories, keywords, page speed, and on-page content to give you the results you need.

There are two main segments of Moz:

• Moz Local –This identifies the many directories where your car dealership needs to have a presence. You can manually update information or request Moz makes the changes on some directories.

• Moz Pro –This gives you insights regarding keywords, backlinks, and on-page SEO to help identify opportunities to improve your scores.


One of the most remarkable tools you can find is Hotjar. This tool can e a lot of fun to use and makes digital marketing more involved for you. You’ll see a heat map on your web pages that show where car shoppers are moving their mouse, hovering, and clicking. This gives you an idea about the on-page changes you can make to address the behavior of car shoppers.

You can record sessions on your site and see where the progression goes from one page to another when shoppers are visiting your site.

Answer the Public

A free resource that gives you insights into variations of queries people ask regarding a keyword you type into the search bar is Answer the Public. This can be important to your digital marketing strategy and it allows you to organize the report in various ways from lists to pinwheels to give you the view you want of how your keywords perform and how often users will search for them.

Make use of this free resource and see how easy it is to learn how to make adjustments to your digital marketing.

One of the most important aspects of your digital marketing is how and where your money is being spent. helps you optimize this area of your strategy. This tool provides direct insight regarding budget trends to make sure there’s a consistent allocation of money to get the best possible results. This means you can be as dynamic and versatile as the internet and know that you can easily adjust the focus of your marketing from one quarter to the next to ensure your name continues to stay at the top of the search pages that your users will see.

Fill Your Toolbox

As a car dealer, it’s important to make sure you stay on top of your game and at the top of the list online. Your digital marketing makes this possible and these six tools can help you have all the information you’re looking for and know which changes need to be made and when.

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