ChatGPT is a new technology that works with voice commands to help you develop the expressions and reports necessary to improve your marketing efforts.

Are you tired of creating new code to express the needs of your online marketing? Do you want your reports to instantly respond with the desired results? Whether you’re a programmer, marketer, or SEO expert, you can use this new tech to quickly interact with your tools to receive the desired information with nothing more than some simple voice commands. You might not think it is possible for this tech to be that good, but it is.

Your spreadsheets can be more organized with nothing but voice commands

It’s likely you use Excel or Google Sheets daily to organize your data. These sheets use several formulas to provide the resulting information you need. What might take you hours to figure out could take as little as 10-15 minutes using this new technology. Whether it’s a simple search with specific results or new formulaic equations, you’ll receive the desired information with a few simple voice commands and this new technology.

This tech can predict desirable text for keyword research

If you’re having trouble thinking of related keywords and queries that could work for the desired content, you can use ChatGPT to build some of the FAQs that will become part of your catalog. This feature is also useful for building a keyword bank that can be used in your content. Some results might not make sense or be useful, but that doesn’t mean they won’t matter when it’s time to build out your content. Sometimes keywords with zero previous results can give you the biggest boost in traffic.

Use it to code data into sales and inventory spreadsheets

This new technology is advanced and works well as an AI system that can give you the code necessary to catalog all of your inventory and sales information into one page or sheet. This tech can be extremely useful when working with other programs that are built specifically for this task. The system creates a code that works well and might need only small tweaks to make it ideal for the reports you’re trying to create.

Create conversion reports and user actions

Some of the most necessary information when building content to attract your customers is to have a report that shows where your customers have been on your website or what pages they have interacted with. This is the right information for your PPC and SEO campaigns, and the ChatGPT technology can offer this information for you. It can set up an alert to inform you when online users are on specific landing pages, which can help you understand their needs and tailor your conversation with them toward customer desires.

This tech changes the game for marketers

As a marketer, you might not have any background in coding and lack the understanding to figure out how to create the analytics reporting desired to receive the information you need. With this new tech, which is AI-based, you have a tool that can help you receive the desired analytical information with a few simple voice commands. Typically, finding the right mix to create the report you need is a tedious task, but now it can be a lot easier.

What are some of the newest trends in SEO?

Using the ChatGPT tool can help send you in the right direction with reporting and results-driven analytics, but you still should know what’s trending this year to understand what to do next. Once you have the AI results desired, here are some trends to think about.

Different formats of content

Content isn’t simply the written word. Every day, you consume thousands of pieces of content whether you want to or not. Most of this is done through text, video, and audio systems. Every ad, commercial, post, and article is a piece of content. The point of telling you this is that once you have the reporting information desired, you’ll want out which type of content you should build.

The human experience cannot get lost

The day machines replace humans, we’ve lost the humanity of our species. That said, we do want chatbots and other AI-based technology to interact with us much the same as humans. The ChatGPT tool turns your voice requests and commands into useful reports and codes, but it doesn’t replace the human experience. There’s a strong lean toward ensuring the human experience remains part of the SEO process.

Using long-tail keywords is huge

The days of keyword stuffing and short search terms are over. Most users search via voice commands with simple questions. These questions include long-tail keywords as the important phrase in the query. This term allows your page to be found much more easily than it would be if you only used short terms of one or two words. Several long-tail keywords, and varying the type of term, helps to bring more users to your page.

Your content needs to be of the highest quality

When the internet and search engines were in their infancy, there was a greater need for more content, and quality took a back seat. Today, quality trumps quantity every time. In fact, one long blog post that is authoritative and comprehensive is much more valuable than three or four short posts using the same topic. The more authoritative and quality-built the content is, the more likely it will be found by users.

Will you put ChatGPT to work for you?

The ChatGPT tool is a piece of technology that can help you build reports and code that save you time and give you the desired information quickly. This is important when you’re focused on your digital marketing and SEO efforts. Of course, this piece of technology is only a tool to help guide your team and what you’ll build when it’s time to create content that reaches an audience. Put the results to work and let your advertising and content bring more users to your website.

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