Reels is a relatively new social media feature allowing users to post short-form videos. This is a great way for car dealerships to boost their online presence.

This social media feature is available on various platforms but is most popular on Facebook and Instagram. When you have something interesting to share, this feature is a great way to get that message out. For car dealers, this could mean promoting new sales, showcasing specific vehicles, or promoting a community support event.

Here are seven great ways to use Reels to upgrade your dealership’s online presence.

Present a Car Repair

If your dealership has a service center that also repairs vehicles damaged in collisions, using this social media feature is a great way to quickly show the repair process from start to finish. Use time-lapse images or videos to present the repair work and show what a vehicle looks like when the job is done. This is a great way to bring some attention to your service team, giving your social media audience some faces and names they can get to know at your dealership.

A Day in the Life

Transparency and Authenticity are more important than ever to many consumers. One of the best ways to use Reels to upgrade your dealership’s online presence is with a behind-the-scenes video showing a day in the life of your team. This could be a video featuring short interviews highlighting a few team members, the inner workings of the dealership, or how the team prepares for a new event or sale. The idea is to keep things light and fun while involving as many people as you can. This could be a series of Reels.

Create a Test Drive Challenge

This could be one of the most fun ways to get customers engaged with your dealership. Start with a Reel that invites several customers to come in and test drive some of the new cars. Create videos of these test drives with customer reactions and experiences, which can be cut and put into another Reel. You can expect increased engagement levels when you involve the customers in your area. Of course, a simple test drive Reel with your staff could be another way to go.

What Goes Into a Car Sale?

Using Reels to improve your dealership’s online presence could be as simple as showing what goes into a car sale for those interested in selling cars as a career. Add some music, captions, and a great story to make the sale more exciting and fun. Add customer testimonials at the end, along with ways that salespeople get to engage with customers daily, which can lead to making a few new friends. This Reel could bring your next great salesperson into the fold.

Inventory Videos Always Hit

Another hit that could bring more views to your social media accounts is taking videos of your inventory, especially when new arrivals head to your dealership. If there are some models that have been hotly anticipated for a few months, showing the arrival of these models at your dealership could get some people excited and ready to come in and see your team. An inventory video also gives your customers a great way to see what you’ve got to offer, especially if some of the vehicles are part of a great sale.

Maintenance and Repair Tips

Although cars are getting more complicated and tech-heavy, some customers still like to perform some maintenance or at least check a few items regularly. Boost your dealership’s online presence through Reels involving simple car maintenance and repair tips. These tips can include oil changes, filter checks, or other tips while also covering what to do when certain noises, smells, or feelings occur while driving. Add some music, captions, and make it fun and engaging for your audience.

Community Involvement is a Must

Although businesses, including car dealerships, operate to make profits, most companies also enjoy being involved in the community. Car dealerships are some of the most popular locations for community events such as fundraisers, food drives, and road safety awareness events. Show your team involved in the event, an event hosted at your dealership, or use the Reel to present an upcoming community support event. This Reel can be one of the most heartwarming and enjoyable reels that you will ever make for your dealership.

Use the Reels feature on various social media platforms to upgrade your dealership’s online presence and bring more views to your content. Can you think of some other great ways to use this feature?

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