The Buick EV we’ll get isn’t the model that excites us. Recently, The Buick Wildcat EV created a buzz when a design video was released.

The Wildcat EV was introduced last year in concept form and its never expected to make it to production. Still the bold design and 2+2 coupe style makes those that have seen the recent design video wonder if this car should come to the market. The video surfaced on the General Motors Design Instagram account, offering a quick look at what this automaker has in the hopper. Maybe the video will gain enough popularity that GM will put the Wildcat into production.

What does the Instagram video offer?

This design video begins with a person walking through a dark garage past other Buicks parked in the outskirts and in the shadows. Next, we see the Wildcat EV, which is covered in bright orange paint, which makes this incredible electric car stand out. Those that got familiar with the concept car will see some differences between this new model and the concept shown. These differences include the wheel design, less chrome around the windows, a slightly changed front fascia, and a new set of taillights in the rear.

As you would expect, the video continues with this Buick Wildcat EV heading out on the road, winding, and twisting its way next to a body of water. During the video, the Wildcat is seen from different angles while climbing hills, dipping into canyons, and driving past a waterfall. The scenery is incredible and so is the car driving past it. This video was used to pitch the Wildcat to GM leadership, but it never received the go ahead to become a production model. Although the Wildcat isn’t likely to be put into production, the interior elements of both the Buick Regal and LaCrosse, which are still part of the Chinese market, come from the Wildcat EV.

What Buick EV will we see?

Buick has become one of the most popular brands in China. Here in the United States, this brand has dwindled down to only four SUVs, but that could put it in position to expands its lineup and offer more of what we want on the road. A Buick electric SUV has been confirmed for 2024 and this new SUV should wear the Electra name. This name first appeared on a Buick in 1959 but its being rejuvenated for the Buick EV lineup.

The first of the Buick electric SUVs heading to our market should be the Electra E5, which is already on sale in China. This new Buick EV recently debuted there and could be the perfect midsize crossover SUV for America. Buick must have big plans to create a full lineup of Electra models; the brand recently trademarked the names Electra E1 through E9 to reserve names for the future lineup.

What does the Electra E5 offer?

Then new Electra E5 uses GM’s Ultium battery platform. This Buick electric SUV is a compact model, closely related to the Chevy Equinox EV. The Electra E5 has the same wheelbase as the Chevy but it takes things a little further up the market by incorporating elements from the Buick Wildcat concept. We still don’t know much about the specs and interior elements, but this is exciting news for the Buick brand.

The name isn’t set in stone

The Buick Electra name is set in stone for the future, as is the range of E1 through E9, but the Chinese Electra E5 might not be an E5 in the United States. The E5 is a compact model, which means it should probably be larger in order to be the midsize SUV for this lineup. If we assume the entire Buick EV lineup is meant to be SUVs, this first model could be an E3 which could put it in the same class as the Tesla Model Y and Volkswagen ID.4.

Right now, we don’t know a lot about the new Buick Electra coming to the United States, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited by this news. Although the Wildcat EV isn’t likely to ever see the light of day, it can be utilized to influence the design language being used for future Buick EV models. Maybe the Wildcat name can be reused in the Buick electric SUV lineup as a trim name with more power and performance features, but that’s a conversation for another day.

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