2017 Ferrari California Versatile and Exciting

You might not think of a Ferrari model being a versatile vehicle that would be able to change from one thing to another, but the California T is able to change from a couple to a convertible with the use of the retractable hardtop. This car is also one of the most affordable cars from Ferrari, not that it becomes a bargain player, but if you want excitement and the brand that you know has been garnered as one of the best ever you can pay less than with most other supercars, making this a rich person’s type of bargain.

If you want to enjoy a Ferrari but you don’t see the point in reaching near the seven-figure price, this is the one to choose. This car offers you the superb performance you want with the comfort you’ll like on the road while also having the items that you need to enjoy on the track as well. This car offers the optional Handling Speciale package which helps this beauty carve up the corners in a way that will surprise you and make it easier for you to have the fun you want and the quality you deserve on the road.

What do you expect when you drive a Ferrari on the road or on the track? You expect to have a vehicle that can easily carve up the corners and be the drive you want to enjoy. This car offers razor-sharp handling and impressive speed that will make it possible for you to have the car that is fun on the road and provides you a 3.6 second time to the sixty mph mark while also offering you a top speed of 196 mph. Of course, this is also a car that will have heads turning and plenty of people asking you about your car when you take it out for a drive.

The power you find for all this speed comes from the 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that is attached to a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission that is built enough to be able to handle the job on an F1 circuit. This beautiful powertrain gives you 553 horsepower and 557 lb.-ft. of torque to be the powerful and impressive ride you want to have on the track. This is a precision-tuned powertrain that makes it easy to enjoy a car that harkens back to the F40 that was made and offered in 1987.

As you look to the standard items that give you a place to start the fun on the road and on the track you will love the retractable hardtop and the engine already mentioned. With this power, you need the ability to stop which comes from the carbon ceramic brakes that make this a great grand touring car to drive. There is also comfort inside with the dual zone air conditioning power seats, a touchscreen display for the navigation and stereo and a USB port under the armrest. There is also a seven-year complimentary maintenance plan that can be transferred if you sell your Ferrari California.

When it comes to options that you can have this car is one that will offer you a few choices to make the car be the one you want to drive. In order to reflect your personality you can choose from 28 different colors on the exterior and brake calipers, six different wheel designs, fifteen different interior colors and the carbon fiber accents that make this a car that is light and perfect for the drive. There are different cameras you can order, the MagneRide suspension and a 12-speaker JBL Professional audio system to make this a great place to have a wonderful drive.

Whether you want to purchase the Ferrari California for the name, for the comfortable drive on the open road or for the dynamic performance you can have on the track, this is a car that offers you more of what you want at a price that makes more sense to you. Let this be the car that offers you a ride you want and see how easy it is to love this awesome car from the prancing horse brand.

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