After the success of the 4C, Alfa Romeo created the Giulia luxury sedan. Once this sedan hit high marks, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm came along.

When the initial launch of the Giulia took place, this car came in a regular form and a high-powered, performance-oriented Quadrifoglio name. This trim challenged other luxury sport sedans with incredible style and performance, but Alfa Romeo needed a little something more. The GTAm is that something more, bringing back the GTA nameplate for the first time in more than ten years.
Here are ten reasons you’ll love driving this special version of the Giulia.

1. The Development Name Challenged the Style

There’s no denying the pure sportiness and sex appeal of the Alfa Romeo Giulia. This brand developed two track-focused special editions called GTA and GTAm. During development, these two models were nicknamed “Il Mostro” which was a reference to the ugly SZ of old. Many times these high-powered sports sedans are ruined by aggressive body kits, but that’s not the case with these special versions of the Giulia. Somehow, they became even more beautiful, if that’s possible.

2. Is This Really a GT Car?

The Gran Turismo or GT portion of the name is handled perfectly. The power for the GTAm is sent to the rear wheels, where incredible grip is found. The rear wheels are set out wide, giving you a stronger stance. This car has an upgraded suspension and a firm but compliant ride that can work well on paved roads. The Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm is a track-focused sports sedan, but it can be perfectly suitable for a long road trip where you’ll look for roads that twist and wind their way, offering a true GT ride.

3. It’s Hard to Beat the Power-to-Weight Ratio of this Giulia

The Giulia is a lightweight luxury performance sedan in every sense of the word. The special edition model of the GTAm uses some incredible weight-saving technology while adding an incredible level of power to reach 355 horsepower per metric ton to offer a better ratio than most sports cars. This Alfa is an amazing choice for serious lightweight fun, using more of the power on tap for turning some quick laps at the local track.

4. Formula 1 Qualities Transferred into a Sedan

The Sauber F1 team is sponsored by Alfa Romeo, which helps the brand bring some of the qualities found in the F1 car to this special Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm sedan. The aerodynamics of the new GTAm are extremely similar to those of the F1 car. This car enjoys substantially more downforce than the regular sedan, and it can keep the wheels on the track during hard cornering. There’s also a large rear wing offering four different drag settings to set this car for different tracks.

5. Only a Few of These Alfas Will be Made

The new GTAm is a special edition car. As such, only a small number of them will be made and given to the world. That number is 500 for both the GTA and GTAm nameplates, with fewer than 200 of them being the GTAm variety. Most of these cars bring a $200,000 price tag, but that only puts a person in line for this car. Anyone asking to move to the head of the line will need to pay a lot more for this incredible Alfa.

6. This Car Brings Alfa Romeo Back to Its True Form

Instead of just one special edition car from Alfa Romeo, we get two. The Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm is the lesser-seen model, but these two names bring back the glory that is this amazing Italian brand. The GTA and GTAm are both statement cars that offer the resurgence of this brand name. The Quadrifoglio is pretty cool, but these nameplates take things over the top.

7. Those Wheels are Amazing

When we see most wheels, we expect to see a four, five, or six-lug pattern that holds the wheels onto the vehicle. The new GTA and GTAm cars both have some amazing wheels that give them style and racing appeal. These wheels use a huge single stud that makes them right for some time on the track. Having only one stud means there’s room for the large carbon ceramic brakes of this track-focused car.

8. Yes, This Giulia is Made for the Track

The road-going Giulia has a completely different suspension geometry from that of the track-focused Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm. The track car has a wider stance and more precise handling with a suspension that’s designed specifically for the track. This car is much more planted In the corners, giving you the confidence desired when you’re behind the wheel. Of course, the inside also has racing seats and a track-ready safety harness system to keep you in your seat where you belong.

9. The Alleggerita Means this Car Went on a Diet

The power-to-weight ratio isn’t only the result of more power for this car; it also comes from the weight-saving materials used. The first 156 GTA was heavier than the standard model, which got it laughed out of the arena. This meant Alfa Romeo had to put this car on a strict diet. They replaced the rear seats with a roll cage and added composite lightweight materials shaving 220 pounds from the total weight of the Quadrifoglio.

10. How Much Power Does the GTAm Offer?

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm offers an amazing power level. The same 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine that’s found under the hood of the Quadrifoglio trim is used for the GTA and GTAm models. This engine might not have required more horsepower considering the weight savings, but Alfa Romeo found more power for this car. The total power of these special edition models is 540 horsepower, giving this amazing performance-oriented sedan almost 30 more horsepower compared to the Quadrifoglio model.

If these aren’t ten great reasons for you to desire the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm, we aren’t sure what you’re looking for. This incredible Alfa Romeo drops the mike on the rest of the luxury sports sedans with two incredible special edition cars.

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