Interactive Content is everywhere we look. Whether you’ve taken a Facebook survey or answered an Instagram poll, you’ve participated.

This type of content works to bring you into the conversation in an organic manner by presenting you with questions and situations that will interest you. Engaging with interactive content can help customers feel they are contributing to the cause, no matter what that cause happens to be.

Why Does Interactive Content Improve Customer Engagement?

Just because you offer a quiz or poll why does that content seem to get more involvement and reaction from your customers than other content you offer?

Here are three reasons why this content works so well to engage with your audience:

1. It focuses on the customers
2. It ads real-time value
3. It delivers personalized results

Whether it’s the silly survey mentioned above or a serious poll about the products and services you offer, when the customer is engaged, you have their attention.

Methods to Improve Your Interactive Content

Customer Education Works

How can your customers get the most out of your products or services? This is one of the questions they are asking and you should too. As the product developer, owner, or representative, you need to show your audience something they don’t already know. When you have complicated items, such as a car, you’ll have several features to show. On simpler items, you might have to get a little creative to show your audience new and interesting ways your items can improve their lives.

Give Statistics Through Infographics

We love statistics, especially if they come in the form of easily read charts that can make a point clearly for you. You can incorporate various information into your infographics to give your audience the history of your products, the timeline of development, and the benefits received. Share the information your audience will need and use interactive designs to let your viewers select the information they want to learn about your company and your products.

Create Photo Contents

Getting away from the educational piece, get your audience engaged with something they can truly enjoy. Think about how your customers are using your products or how the services you provide have improved their lives. Create interactive content with a photo contest with customers sending in pictures of how your products and services are being enjoyed. This can drive your engagement levels and encourage more of your audience to appreciate pictures that are submitted.

Value-Oriented Content

If your customers upgrade to the products you sell, how are their lives going to be improved? This is value-oriented content and it can help you connect with your audience and show them how your items will improve their lives.

Here are some items you can incorporate that will offer value messages:

• How much can you save by buying this item – show a calculator
• Is this the right item for you – use a quiz
• Which item would make the most sense – use a quiz
• How much value over the long term – show a calculator

You’re employing an interactive approach, but it doesn’t have to be complicated to show value. Simple, easy to see, value messaging can be perfect.

Employ AI and Chatbots in Your Marketing

One of the most interactive ways you can reach your audience is by offering a chat option for your pages. Your customers might have a question that needs to be answered and if you have a chatbot filled with FAQs the answer could be easy to find. If customers can easily find the answers they need, they will be more likely to come back to your website and buy products from your company.

Create Interactive Videos

Do you remember reading books in grade school with different endings based upon the choices you made throughout the story? You can do the same with your videos. Employ interactive marketing in your videos by allowing the audience to select different answers to questions presented with various endings to the story. Of course, each ending should include your viewers buying products from your company.

Don’t Forget the Surveys and Polls

One of the easiest and most effective forms of interactive marketing is the use of surveys and polls. This is an opportunity for you to gather information from your audience and process it to make changes that are necessary for your business. When your audience sees that you incorporated changes they suggested or that the results of your poll will be used for company improvement, they will feel more engaged and part of the process.

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