Is voice search a marketing priority for your dealership? It most certainly should be if it isn’t already, your customers are using it now.

Consumers are using voice search to find the answers they need in order to be the best-informed consumer before making purchases, especially when it comes to buying a car. It’s your job as a dealership to make sure your content is answering those burning questions and giving your customers what they want, from your dealership and not from somewhere else.

Contact Questions

Information that may seem very common, which means it can also be overlooked is contact information. This includes your phone numbers for sales and service departments, location on Google Maps, hours of operation, and email addresses. You should do a thorough check through to make sure your contact information is updated and accurate. You don’t want customers asking Alexa when the Honda dealership near them is open and Alexa responds with incorrect hours. All that will result in is a disgruntled customer who will likely take their business elsewhere. Keep your information updated on your website, your Google Business page, and other places online that you’re using to reach customers.


People want to know what’s new and exciting in the latest car models. They may be asking Google, “OK, Google, does the Honda Accord have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto?” or maybe they’re curious about a Hyundai Santa Fe, “Hey Siri, does the Hyundai Santa Fe have LED headlights?” It’s important your web content describing each car model answers these common questions. Some questions may not be as obvious as others, so it’s important to paint the picture of your ideal buyer and start figuring out what they may be looking for in a car.

If it’s a new mom, she’d likely want to know about a car’s safety features like child locks and airbags. If it’s a young professional buying their first car, they may want to know if there are USB charging ports or want to know more about hybrid and electric cars and how many miles those cars can go on one charge. Not all customers are created equal, so sit down with your marketing and sales teams to create those profiles and before you know it, you’ll be ready to create marketing content that answers those common voice search questions.

Don’t Neglect Voice Search

Voice search is not a fad that’s here for a short time and gone within the year. It’s grown and proven to be the newest way consumers are finding answers and educating themselves before buying anything including cars. The key thing to focus on when it comes to voice search is the customer and what questions they’re likely asking voice assistants and making sure you’re answering the questions they’d actually ask. The customer is always right, after all.

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