Upgrading the Santa Fe

The top of the Hyundai lineup is the Santa Fe which is able to offer you the seating you want and the power you’re looking for in a versatile vehicle.

This SUV has been one of the most impressive offerings in the market to ensure you can have the ability to carry gear, people, or items wherever you need to go.

It’s time for the Santa Fe to be upgraded and improved to enter a new generation and we already see this SUV is going to bring the style and the performance we’ll enjoy for the future driving experience.
While we won’t see this SUV in person until it arrives at the Geneva Motor Show in March of this year, it’s been shown off in some spy photos and the sketch designs that are offered to give us a view of what we can expect this SUV to be when it arrived for the 2019 model year to enter its new generation.

The look and style of this new version of the Santa Fe will certainly allow it to continue to be one of the most impressive choices we have for the driving experience we’re looking for when it’s time to head out on the road.

What We See

The front of this SUV already appears to be one that follows along the lines of the other offerings from the Hyundai brand to give us an appearance we’re sure to admire. The front looks aggressive but simple and sleek to follow along with the attractive no-nonsense qualities that we expect to find with the Hyundai brand.

This front is similar to what we see in the new Kona compact crossover SUV that makes it an SUV that’s incredible to enjoy when you’re ready to get out on the road.

As you continue to review what the new Santa Fe has to offer, you’ll see a stance that’s more aggressive than before and a rear that looks like it should be offered on a luxury brand.

This new version of the Santa Fe is growing in size to ensure you can have a more spacious cabin, the exceptional features of a quality SUV and the items you’re looking for.

The power for this new model will come from a pair of engines that we’ve begun to seriously associate with Hyundai and what they look to offer us for the drive.

The Santa Fe Going Forward

There will be two versions of the Santa Fe going forward, similar to what we’ve had in the past. The smaller five-seat model will be powered by the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine while the LWB version will make use of a 3.3-liter V6 engine to ensure you have the power you desire for the drive.

There will also be a full suite of active safety features coming from the Hyundai Smart Sense package of items that will make the drive even better for you when you head out for a drive.

This is a vehicle we can certainly look forward to when it’s time for the reveal at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Want a bit of a more sporty ride? Then opt for the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. This gives you a bit of a more athletic ride and design, but with all the Santa Fe features you want.

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