ChatGPT is the latest AI tool, but it can only be useful in your digital marketing strategy if the right plugins are used. Here are a few beneficial plugins.

The arrival of ChatGPT has proven that AI can be advanced enough to be utilized across various industries, but mostly for digital marketing. This AI tool can be utilized for customer interaction, content creation, content scheduling, and idea generation. This new tool, developed by OpenAI, can only be as useful as the parameters set and plugins used. Let’s take a look at some of the plugins that can make this tool work great for your marketing team.

ChatGPT can create the content you need

Most of the plugins developed for this new AI tool are geared toward creating content for your digital marketing efforts. The advanced text generation system can help your team draft articles, create blog posts, and schedule your content. Don’t expect this tool to replace your content team, but it can help with ideas during the early phases of content development.

These ChatGPT plugins can improve your digital marketing strategy and content development:


Video is becoming the king of content and is more likely to receive views than a long, wordy article. Speechki does the job of converting text into an audio format to assist in creating short-form videos for YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. This system has proved to be effective; AI-generated videos have gained billions of views since this plugin first began being used.


How many views are your videos receiving every month? You need tools that help analyze the results and show you where to make changes to boost channel growth and improve numbers. VidIQ is a third-party YouTube extension that provides the analytics desired. This tool also gives you insights into trending videos, offers suggestions with popular tags, and lists high-performing topics related to your industry. VidIQ can also convert videos into transcripts, which can be useful for viewers performing industry research.

SEO Core, Chat Spot,

These three simple ChatGPT plugins improve your digital marketing strategy by assisting content in ranking higher for Google searches. The higher the content ranks, the better. Most users won’t look beyond the first page of results before adjusting the search parameters. These plugins also provide popular keywords and help analyze top-ranking URLs to suggest better ways to structure URLs for your team.

Photo Realistic

A large part of content creation includes the imagery used in your content. Photo Realistic is a plugin that converts ideas into prompts for the AI art tool Midjourney. This is a great feature for those in the art and design industry, but also for marketing teams working toward creating excellent images to be included in content.


Zapier is one of the most versatile platforms utilizing ChatGPT. This platform is a no-code system that utilizes automation to easily develop content, programming, application needs, and system analysis. Zapier is so versatile that it’s compatible with more than 5,000 existing applications and web services, making it one of the most useful tools you’ll find.

ChatGPT can improve your social media engagement

It would take several people dedicated to answering comments and questions from social media posts to handle this job. Instead of dedicating your team to this job, deploy ChatGPT and let this tool get the job done. This AI tool can interact with your audience in real time. This tool is capable of engaging with your audience, offering suggestions, and engaging in some conversations, provided your team has given this tool the data source to do so.

Although ChatGPT has plugins for content to help your digital marketing team, it shouldn’t be your only answer to social media engagement. Some things to consider in this area are:

  • Don’t lose the human touch – make sure your users know they are engaging with a bot when ChatGPT interacts with them through your social media platforms
  • Data privacy issues – it’s important to protect user data privacy, inform users about data collection practices when they engage with ChatGPT
  • Added programming and training – your team will need to continuously refine and upgrade the data available for this AI tool to source from. Like any other tool or programming, ChatGPT is only as good as the information provided

Will your team put some of the impressive ChatGPT plugins to work in your digital marketing strategy? Will you utilize this AI tool to engage with your social media channels? ChatGPT can be a game changer for your marketing team when used properly.

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