Top 5 SEO Trends for Dealers in 2019

Keep Up and Adapt

When it comes to SEO, you need to stay on your feet because the landscape is always changing, and you need to be ready to adapt and incorporate the latest SEO trends into your marketing strategy. This year, you’ll be seeing more focus on local SEO, the rise in transparency through reliable reviews and the ever-growing emphasis on voice search.

More Local SEO Focus

Local SEO focuses on your Google profile and includes everything from hours of operation, your location on Google Maps and even more intricate details you may not have thought about. It’s important that you’re giving customers as much information about your dealership as possible. Is your showroom accessible for all customers? What’s the atmosphere on the lot and inside the showroom like? Do your customers take note of the showroom’s cleanliness, new-car smell or extra-friendly associates? The more information customers have available to them on your dealership website platform, the more they can feel confident in choosing you when it’s time to go car shopping.

Gather Those Reviews

Keeping with the transparency theme, you’ll want to focus on gathering those reviews from previous customers. People rely on reviews because it’s important to hear opinions from real shoppers, like them. Writing reviews is an extra step that customers don’t always feel compelled to take after a purchase unless they feel strongly positive or negative about their experience. Make it easy on your customers. Send them a brief purchase survey and make it no more than five minutes, so they can easily complete on their phone while they’re waiting at the DMV or when their favorite show is on commercial break. Give them incentives to write a review on Google. A $10 gift card or coupon for a free vehicle inspection or oil change would encourage your customers to share their buying experience with others.

Voice Search

Voice search is thriving and will only continue to grow this year and beyond. Voice search is about delivering the answers to your customers’ questions in a format they can easily digest and quickly. Curate your web content to answer the questions they’re asking specifically. The wording is important and focusing on keyword phrases will help your answer stand out among the rest of the SERPs. Give your customers what they want and don’t make them Google for a new answer.

Make 2019 a Successful Year in SEO

Your dealer’s automotive SEO strategy can only grow and crush goals set by the previous year as long as you’re ready to push for what your dealer needs to be successful. Share your local SEO details with Google, gather those reviews, and continue to improve your voice search strategy, and you’ll be on your way to SEO growth in 2019.

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