Top 3 Platforms for Car Dealership Websites

Nearly 30 percent of digital marketing leads are generated from a dealership’s website. So it’s important that your website has all the right features to help make your brand stand out. In a nutshell, a successful dealership website needs a modern design that follows digital marketing best practices, easy access to inventory, and the latest tools so users can find exactly what they’re looking for. It’s also important that your website is personalized and friendly –just like your dealership’s showroom! Essentials for your website include mobile optimization. Ask yourself if your website is adaptable for use on tablets and phones?

Many website platforms offer responsive web design, where the site resizes itself according to screen size, so it looks great on any device. A unique look and design is important, as is support staff and customer service, integration with other technology and software, and many more additional features that enhance user experience. So without further ado, here are the top three auto website providers that can help make your dealership shine.

Dealer Inspire

The award-winning Dealer Inspire creates unique customized websites for dealerships. They focus on a faster, easier and more personalized experience. Websites are equipped with responsive web design and geofencing –the ability to immediately personalize a website message through a geographic customer tracking service. Geofencing is available on all Dealer Inspire websites at no extra cost. Additional features include online financial tools, chat, and integrated inventory.

Dealer eProcess

Dealer eProcess builds websites with responsive design ensuring everything is optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet devices. As well as website personalization, other features include a solid SEO strategy, chat technology, and Facebook connect. In addition Dealer eProcess offers a system called CAROI that measures true digital marketing ROI where dealers can track how many cars they sold and the revenues from both website and other digital marketing campaigns. Dealer eProcess also offers Spanish language websites to appeal to an even wider audience.


DealerFire is DealerSocket’s website provider platform. It emphasizes creating websites that capture your dealership’s unique personality and message –your brand’s story -through building user-friendly, appealing websites utilizing the latest technology. Equipped with responsive web design websites are also mobile optimized. Geofencing is available on all websites at no additional charge. DealerFire offers a website that can “inform, entertain and build trust.” With this platform, your dealership is sure to stand out from the rest.

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