When we think of hybrid and electric vehicles our thoughts typically turn to smaller models that have prowled the streets for several years. While size, aerodynamics, and weight have a direct effect on the range and efficiency of the vehicles that are powered by an EV powertrain or hybrid engine, we’ve seen this technology used in a variety of ways over the years. We now have an EV model in nearly every part of the automotive market with mainstream models, efficient and small EVs, and even a minivan that benefits from hybrid technology.  Now we’re seeing the beginning of the electrified trucks movement come to pass.

It's Time to Have Electrified Trucks

It certainly seems that we need to have this technology in our SUVs and pickup trucks, but the problem is the fact that weight and size play a part in how far a vehicle can go. The solution to this could be to have more batteries, which does increase the weight of the vehicle but gives you more for the power. The simple fact is, the characteristics of an electric powertrain are perfect for the truck world with the high-torque, low maintenance features of a motor that has fewer moving parts. One company has proved you can have an EV model of even these larger models for the drive.

The Bollinger B1

If you picture an older Land Rover Defender with a powertrain from a Tesla Model S, you would come close to seeing what the Bollinger B1 is. This vehicle has been built in the upstate New York area by Robert Bollinger and it’s a vehicle that is offered with the capability and qualities you want to have in a large vehicle that has the power from an electric powertrain. This impressive SUV is one that could easily fit in just fine with old Jeep Wranglers, Ford Broncos, and the soon-to-be-seen Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid.
To handle the power needed for the ride in the B1, there are twin electric motors underneath that deliver up to 360 horsepower and 472 lb.-ft. of torque. Those sound a lot like truck numbers and this impressive vehicle is one that can feel and act a lot like a truck. The B1 can reach sixty mph in only 4.5 seconds because all this power is offered and available right away. For these electrified trucks and SUVs, there are 20 inches of ground clearance with the suspension at its maximum extension, giving you plenty of rides over the wilderness to go wherever you need to out on the trails.

A Preface to Electrified Trucks

While we don’t have the numbers for the range of this SUV just yet, we know it can carry a payload of as much as 6,100 pounds which is important for what this vehicle is built for which is impressive capability and something to look forward to for electrified trucks as they begin to hit the market. If the range is enough to challenge gasoline-powered models on the road and on the trails, the B1 can be the perfect choice for the drive you want in a vehicle that looks great, shows off with military style and lets us know that trucks and SUVs should make use of electric and hybrid powertrains to give us what we want and need for the work that has to get done.


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