The Ford Ranger is finally coming to America. It has been sold everywhere around the world but the U.S., but it’s finally here and consumers can’t wait.

The Ford Ranger is a midsize truck and consumers have been waiting a long time for it to come to the States. It’s just a little bit bigger than the Ford Maverick. The Ranger has done well in other countries, and Americans are excited to see how it will handle it here in the American auto market. It’s built on Ford’s T6 platform, which is the same one that is being used on the current Ford Bronco. Consumers won’t know exactly how the truck handles, but they will know as soon as it debuts in May. It might have slight changes done for the American market, but overall, it should be very similar to the ones that are sold around the world. With lots of power and performance, the new Ranger is going to be a big hit, rivaling the Tacoma and the Chevy Colorado.

Are you ready for the Ranger? Keep reading to learn more.

Midsize Supremacy

To bring the ranger to America was an interesting decision from Ford. Ford already has midsize trucks, like the Maverick and the Raptor, so why would they need one more? It is rumored that Ford is targeting an audience that needs many options for midsize trucks. While the Maverick and Raptor are cool trucks, they don’t offer the exact same features for consumers. That being said, the Ranger is one more option for curious consumers. When the Ranger finally debuts, they will have covered the entire midsize truck market.

Ranger Raptor

The Ranger will have one major change done to it. Overseas, the Ranger is a diesel engine truck, but in America, they will most likely be gas only. We could see Ford using the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine in Ranger.

The Ranger Raptor is what lots of people are looking forward to. Plus, the Bronco is getting a Raptor update. But Ford plans to fuse the Ranger and the Raptor into one awesome truck. The Australian Ranger makes 392 horsepower and 430 pound-feet, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the American version had just a little more than that. No matter what engine the American Ranger gets, it is going to have a 10-speed automatic transmission. Americans don’t buy enough manual cars for Ford to consider making the Ranger a stick shift.

Pristine Interior

While the Ranger is highly anticipated for its exterior looks and its performance, it is also going to have an awesome interior. Consumers are hoping the Ranger has an interior like Ford’s Mach-E. The Mach-E is Ford’s all-electric SUV, and its interior would look so good in the Ranger. The 2024 Ford Ranger will be avail in every Ford dealer in America starting in May.

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