The Kia Stinger Gives You More

When you think of the Kia Stinger and what it means to the driving experience on the road, the first thoughts that come to mind may have to do with the excitement and fun that you find when you head out for a drive. This is a car that has the power and the performance you want while being one of the most engaging performance cars on the market today. Get behind the wheel and the immediately feel excited with the anticipation of what the ride is going to be like in this incredible car.

What Does the Kia Stinger Offer

Any time a performance car is talked about, we need to start with the items under the hood. The Stinger is built with a 3.3-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine that produces 365 horsepower and 376 lb.-ft. of torque for your driving experience on the road. This engine is attached to an eight-speed automatic transmission. You can enjoy sprinting to sixty mph in 4.7 seconds or reach a top speed of 167 mph in this car to give you the drive you want. This car has the driving features you want when you’re looking for an amazing sports sedan to drive.

What You Might Forget

While the name of the Kia Stinger makes you want to turn donuts in the parking lot or rip off a fast lap at your nearby track, this car is much more. There are five comfortable seats that make it easy to offer you the roominess for your family. The Stinger is a sports sedan and it brings you the daily driving qualities you want in a sedan, but it’s actually more than this as well. What you’ll be amazed at is how functional the Stinger is when you want to drive.

The Hatch Makes Sense

Whether you need a place to store your track tires between track days or you need to bring a large TV home from the store, the Kia Stinger has a massive cargo area for you to take advantage of. The rear seats fold down and the fastback style of the car turns it into a hatchback that provides you with access to more cargo room than you expect. There’s a full 23.3 cubic feet of room in the back of the Stinger where you can find the ability to store and carry what you need to when you drive this car.

Let the Kia Stinger be Right for You

Get behind the wheel of the Kia Stinger and see everything it has to offer you today. This amazing car is one that has the power and performance you want while giving you the dynamic drive and function that you love. Take a test drive at your nearby Kia dealership and make this car the one that takes your family where you need to go, carries all the gear you need to take with you, and gives you the fun you’re looking to enjoy when you get behind the wheel.

Find one at your local Kia dealer today!

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