Exploring the wide variety of used cars available at your local dealer is a great way to bring home a quality vehicle without emptying your wallet.

Whether you’re working with a budget or just want to find the best deal in town, used cars are the best way to save. Of course, there are so many used cars out there that it can be tough to tell when you’re finding a great deal or taking home a lemon.

Luckily, there are a few pre-owned models that stand out in 2021. Make sure to stop by your local auto dealer to see what is waiting for you.

Used Cars Under $15,000

Drivers who are paying attention to their bank account are typically thrilled to find something under $15,000. Of course, the specific model, trim level, and features can play into the final price of these options.

Toyota Corolla

When it comes to value-driven sedans, few cars can stand up to the Toyota Corolla. It’s compact, offers incredible fuel economy, and comes with everything you need for an enjoyable commute. With the Corolla’s reputation for dependability, you can often find one of these popular sedans for a great price and plenty of life left on it.

Hyundai Sonata

Drivers who care more about value than anything else are often impressed by the Hyundai Sonata. This car has a sporty look and tons of tech features to keep you entertained, informed, and safe. As a mid-size, it offers plenty of space and all of the comfort features you’d expect from this quality auto manufacturer. Combine Hyundai’s long-lasting, transferrable warranty, and you can pick up a used Sonata that has plenty of miles left to give.

Used Cars Under $30,000

Sometimes shoppers aren’t working on a tight budget, but they want to avoid losing their vehicle’s value due to appreciation. This is when buying a pre-owned car makes the most sense. You can find all of the features and options you want without paying full price.

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is a four-door mid-size family sedan that offers a balance of everything you need for an incredible ride. You get a potent engine, tons of truck space, and a slew of modern tech features. Newer models come with things like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a sports-based trim, and plenty of other options.

Honda Civic

Some argue that Honda kind of veered off the path with the Civic for a little while, but it definitely found its way back with the 2016 model. You can find this beauty with several body styles, including a sedan or hatchback. Some drivers love that you can still get a manual transmission to go along with its peppy powertrain. If you love quick acceleration, unbeatable style, and a name you can trust, the Honda Civic is a great option for you.

Toyota Prius

It seems that every auto dealer is offering some kind of hybrid can. The Prius has been on the road for well over a decade and continues to impress. Most people consider the Prius as the unofficial spokescar for the eco-friendly movement. This small hatchback offers plenty of space, a solid number of standard features, and fuel economy that will save you green – making it one of the best used cars you can find.

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