Instagram Stories are becoming more popular than ever and it seems like every account uses them to promote their posts and activities.

Your car dealership should use the Stories function to showcase some of the activities you have at your location. You’ll be glad you engaged with this part of Instagram when you see the reactions and the attention you’ll get when you share your content through this feature.

Here are several ideas that can help you post what you want while using this function:

Offer Easy Maintenance Tips to Your Audience

The Instagram Stories feature is an easy way to share videos that can be educational for your audience. Show them some easy ways to keep their vehicles looking great, running right, and driving safely. You don’t have to give away the farm, but if your audience feels your dealership is part of the solution to their driving, they will be glad to trust you when it’s time for scheduled maintenance.

Update the Status of your Contents

When you offer contests for your audience to participate in, the Stories feature can be the right way to show what’s going on. This is a great place to announce the contest, show the event as it takes place, and share the winners. Followers can get excited about what’s going on and the items they can win from your car dealership.

You’ve Got to Show Off Your Happy Customers

Whenever you sell a car and you see your customers drive away with a smile on their face, you should capture it and share it through Instagram Stories. These happy customers will be pleased to be part of what you share on this platform. Remember, these customers are the friends and neighbors of the next customers that will come through your door.

Share Inspirational Quotes

There are thousands of memes and photos with inspirational quotes that you can find online that could be shared and offered to your followers. These quotes don’t have to be car-related, but they can be. Add some music and share a few quotes to your video that offers slides of what you want to inspire your audience with. This could be a regular feature on your Stories.

Go Live with Instagram Stories

Host a live session on this feature and interact with your followers who can ask questions and see what you want to talk about. You can talk about your latest promotion, a new vehicle that has recently arrived, or show off some of the most popular models you have in stock. Use this as a great way to answer questions that your customers have of your dealership.

Create Polls that Will Give you Some Excellent Feedback

It’s easy to have a question and answer polls with multiple choice answers for your followers to give you the feedback you want. You can make updates at your dealership, offer more items your followers are
asking for, and have some fun with the polls that are offered. Keep your Instagram followers engaged with your dealership with some fun polls that can be great for your audience.

Share Your Instagram Posts

It might sound redundant, but there’s nothing wrong with sharing your Instagram posts on your Instagram Stories feed. You can invite visitors to like your posts and share what you have put on this platform. Offer a way to be redirected to the post so that users can learn more about what you’re trying to tell them. This is a great way to keep your followers engaged and give them more of what they want.

Learn More About Your Audience

Ask a question and let your customers answer it. You can turn this question and answer session into an entire video with statistics of the most common answers you receive. This is a great way for you to learn more about them and to give them a way to engage with you. Ask about vehicle choices and contest preferences that can give you more insight into those engaged with your feed.

Promote Your Blog Posts

The right place to promote the blog of your website is through your Instagram Stories. Use the “Swipe Up” feature that will make it easy for your followers to get to your blog and read what you’ve posted. This is an excellent way to reach a larger audience than you would by simply posting your blog on the website. Bring your audience to your website with the ease of this feature.

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