The latest social media phenomenon is Tik Tok. This platform allows you to share videos and get creative with filters that are offered.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, this platform blew up to be the most popular platform being used. Many individuals were sharing videos of them doing strange and unusual things, but the question we have isn’t quite that simple. Should your car dealership use Tik Tok for advertising?

The Short Answer to Your Question

For the most part, Tik Tok will not likely work well for car dealership advertising. Currently, a large group of users on this platform are not the ones making the car-buying decisions. Instead, the population of users for Tik Tok are much younger and are the children of those that make the decisions in the household. Even so, you may want to consider this platform as part of your social media mix to avoid leaving out a portion of your potential customer base.

What are the Numbers?

The largest single age group on this platform is the group that is under 19 years old. This age group represents 32.5 percent of the users around the world. That means the remaining 67.5 percent is split among the other age groups. This means the older members of Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers are the rest of the users on Tik Tok.

Offer a Different Approach to Advertising

Many of the videos you see other car dealers showcasing on social media, through television, and through online ads have basically the same message. You can create something different, unique, and more genuine through this platform. Your audience will appreciate an approach that welcomes them in, gives them some information about your company, and allows them to feel like they are being included in the message.

Make it Real on Tik Tok

Forget the production team, don’t worry about editing your video, and let your personality shine through. Some of the best videos for car dealers that use this platform regularly consist of real walkaround videos of the vehicles that have just arrived. You’ll likely see more reactions and connections with your audience if you use these types of videos in your social media advertising.

How Can You Make the Most of Tik Tok for Your Car Dealership?

If you’re ready to reach the various age groups through a unique approach, you’re going to love the raw and unfiltered feeling you get by using this platform for your advertising. Because you can quickly upload a video from your phone, it’s easy to get creative and offer different types of videos to let your potential customers join in on your fun. Here are some ideas you could use:

Take a Car to Lunch

Many of your shoppers go to lunch every day. How easy is it to get the vehicle through a drive-thru? What does the vehicle feel like on the road? Are other drivers aware that you’re on the road with them? Do you have the features that many customers will want to use? Your lunch break can easily be turned into a video that customers can relate to.

Request Customer-Created Content

When shoppers have purchased a new ride from your dealership, you want to capture their excitement. Ask them to create a video while enjoying their new wheels and request they tag you in the comments or during the video. Your customers are the friends, family, and neighbors of the rest of your community. With these videos, there’s a good chance you’ll see more shoppers at your dealership.

Show Off Your Town on Tik Tok

Are there any local landmarks in your town? Is there a hangout area where people can remember going when they were younger? Where are the popular parts of your community? Take one of your vehicles to these areas and show it off with the recognizable landmark as part of the background. This is a great way to bring your community to the videos and showcase the vehicles you have for sale.

Will You Make Tik Tok Part of Your Dealership Marketing?

The final decision might come down to the cost of advertising on Tik Tok. You may want to keep your car dealership account as one that works more like everyone else on this platform, but if you want to advertise using this platform, check out the pricing. This platform can be fun and it can be easy for you to reach a large group of your customers with this social media platform.

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