There’s no question that small SUVs like the Ford Escape are the hottest things on the road right now. Many manufacturers are even stopping the production of their sedans from making room for more SUVs. Of course, with the rush to make the next great SUV, it can be hard to know which ones are worth their sticker price and which ones are just gimmicks.

Luckily, you don’t have to take a risk on an unheard-of nameplate. The Ford Escape has been topping the sales charts for years. From offering an enjoyable driving experience to tons of space to all of the newest tech, the Ford Escape might just be the perfect choice for your next vehicle.

Here are some of the top reasons to love the new Ford Escape:

Go Hybrid On Most Models

As of 2021, nearly every mode on the Escape can be purchased with a hybrid powertrain. The base-level trim is the only one that doesn’t provide this option. Not only can you get an impressive, fuel-saving hybrid, but you can also choose between two different options: a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid. Most SUVs in this class don’t even offer a single hybrid option, so the Escape stands out in this area.

Save Even More Fuel

Drivers who go with the all-wheel-drive SUV often wish they could find a way to save fuel when they don’t need all of the wheels involved. The new Escape gives you that exact feature. The AWD disconnect feature allows you to disconnect the rear driveline, which helps save fuel essentially. You can increase your fuel savings with the integrated stop/start technology that helps improve the overall fuel economy of your SUV.

Safety Included

Every SUV out there lets drivers pick and choose their safety features. Those who want a full suite of safety features end up having to pay for a higher trim level or add-on package. With the Ford Escape, you get an all-inclusive suite of safety features called Ford CoPilot 360. This collection of safety features gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

The Cold Is Not A Problem

The Ford Escape can handle pretty much any terrain you might encounter. Thanks to the selectable drive mode selector, there’s nothing you can’t traverse. There are five modes: eco, normal, slippery, sport, and snow/sand.

On top of being able to drive across the snow, your Escape has an available Cold Weather add-on package that adds a heated steering wheel, heated seats, rear air ducts for temperature control, and a remote start system.

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