RAM 1500

Even though the Ram 1500 hasn’t grown to the popularity to make it the top-selling truck on the market today, it’s certainly on its way up.
The Ram brand had created a different focus on how to make trucks great and give us more of what we want when we drive. The idea is to remember that more of these trucks are used by people who enjoy them and what more features and use them for the work that takes place at a construction site. With this approach, Ram can satisfy the desires of both the casual owner and the working professional.

Building Trucks is a Heritage for Ram

While the Ram brand on its own isn’t very old, there’s more than 100 years of heritage that goes into the trucks offered by Ram. While the Ram brand only dates to 2009, prior to that, it was part of Dodge, which is a brand that dates back for 100 years and gives us the exciting and impressive cars and SUVs we love now. There’s no denying the fact that Dodge has and has had the capability to offer us amazing trucks to drive.

The Right Focus for Your Truck

With the goal of offering us the benefits we want, you can order a Ram truck with a cabin that brings you leather and wood, a twelve-inch touchscreen tablet-style infotainment screen, and plenty of room for up to six people to be comfortable. Under the hood, you find the fuel efficiency of the eTorque mild-hybrid powertrain or the possibility of a Cummins diesel engine with 1,000 lb.-ft. of torque when you choose a Ram HD model to have the drive you want when you head out on the road. There’s even a new tailgate that swings open to give you easier access to the rear.

Added Safety for the Drive in the Ram

Whether you choose the Ram 1500 or one of the Ram HD models, you’re going to have the benefits of a long list of excellent safety items to make the drive better and easier for you. Items you’ll find include advanced excellence of forward collision warnings, automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, and cameras that help you see what’s going on around the truck. These features make it much easier for you to tow, haul, and park where you need to while aiding you on the road when you drive.

Will Ram be the Right Choice for You?

If you’re looking for a great truck to drive, one of the Ram pickup models could be exactly what you want to make use of on the road. Take a look at the modern style, the upgraded materials and features, and the convenience of the qualities offered by Ram. You’ll be ready to take this truck out for a drive when you take a look at what you can enjoy when it’s time for you to have a truck that can be enjoyed on the road or at the job sites in your area.

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