The Kia lineup has been on that has developed over the past several years to become a brand lineup that’s better than ever. You can find quality vehicles with the looks you want and the features you’ve been after with this brand. One of the models that you can look to for a long list of the items and qualities you want is the Kia Rio. This car has been updated for 2018 to be more refined, upscale and high-tech while continuing to be a car that you turn to for the economy pricing offered.

The Goods

Nearly every vehicle we talk about must start with the power and performance under the hood. Because the Kia Rio is a car that we want to be efficient and affordable to drive the power comes in a small package with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 130 horsepower and 119 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is attached to either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission to provide you with as much as 37 mpg on the highway. For a car that’s affordable and efficient, you’re going to want to drive the Kia Rio and know you can stay away from the gas stations much of the time.
While most of the cars on the market are equipped with the basic items you would expect, the Kia Rio does have air conditioning, power locks, a touchscreen infotainment system and many other standard items. In this subcompact class, there are competitors that don’t have these items for you to have what you need for the drive. This should be a great reason for you to start with the Kia Rio and see if it can become the right model for you to drive.
The Kia UVO eServices telematics makes it possible to remotely start the vehicle using an app which can also give you the location of the car, the health report of the car, and contact emergency services when you’re in an accident. While most of these systems require you to pay for the subscription, Kia has added them for free during the first five years of ownership. As you move up the line of trims you will have the ability to add automatic emergency braking to the Kia Rio you want to drive and enjoy out on the roads in your area.

Where You Sit

When you step inside the Kia Rio you’ll be greeted with an interior that sleek and attractive while showing you several impressive materials and a comfortable place to enjoy the ride. The storage space in the hatchback model of the Rio makes it easy for you to bring what you want with you on the road or to have a comfortable seating area for your friends to ride along. This little car is surprisingly spacious on the inside and makes you feel like you’ve spent much more than the price that is asked for when you’re searching for this car as the one you want to drive.
The new 2018 version of the Kia Rio is one that brings you the value and the quality you want to enjoy with tons of excellent features, a stylish look that mimics the larger models in the Kia lineup and a spacious interior. If you’re looking for an efficient and affordable model that can be right for you on the road, the Kia Rio is one you need to consider for the driving you’re going to need to do on a daily basis. This can be the perfect commuter car or car for the daily errands you need to complete.

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