An Older Model Youll Admire

While much of the Mercedes-Benz lineup is being revamped or retooled to offer us more of the details and craftsmanship we want, there are some models in the lineup that aren’t benefiting from these redesigns. Although being left out, for the time being, the Mercedes-Benz SLC 300 Roadster is still a stunning car and one that can easily offer you the quality, the drive and the look that is all unmistakably part of the Mercedes-Benz brand. This is a car that brings the drive you want and allows you to respect a vehicle that’s been setting the standard for several years.

Under the hood of the Mercedes-Benz SLC 300 Roadster, you’ll find an active and energetic 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that’s able to produce 241 horsepower and 273 lb.-ft. of torque. This little engine is attached to a smooth shifting nine-speed automatic transmission to deliver 25 city/32 hwy mpg and offer you a price that starts at less than $50,000. When you consider the lineup from this brand and what this means for your drive, the roadster could be looked at as a value model and not one that feels like you’re just paying for the name.

Drop the Top on Beauty

Whenever you see a Mercedes-Benz roadster driving around with the top down you can look into the car and admire the perfectly crafted interior that’s filled with luxury items. This is certainly the case with the SLC 300 as well. Let the top down and show off the fancy look and the sophisticated style that make this the car that’s built to show off and show up when you get behind the wheel. When you have this car, you’ll love the retractable hardtop and the dramatic way it folds down which takes up to twenty seconds at speeds up to 25 mpg.

Take this gorgeous little roadster out on the road and you’ll feel a drive that’s one you’ve been familiar with in the past. This little car rides on a stiff chassis with an engaged suspension that makes you feel the road, but that’s what you want when you’re ready to carve up the corners and take on what the road brings you. This s a car that will make you feel like you’re the one doing the driving, not the other way around as you might feel with some of the newer cars on the market today.

On the inside of the car you have a pair of gorgeous seats and with the top down you’ll enjoy the AirScarf system which blows warm air on the back of your neck. This inside space is still one of the most attractive you can find, even if it appears to be dated compared to newer Mercedes-Benz models. You’ll enjoy the comfort of the seats which allow you to drive for longer and the impressive visibility, luxury features and smooth materials that are all able to add to the feeling of driving an exciting and attractive luxury roadster.

Overall Impressions

Get in the Mercedes-Benz SLC 300 Roadster and you’ll have a drive that gives you the feeling of something you’ve driven before and love. The engine is active and ready to ride, the drive is sharp and quick and the AirScarf will keep you warmer when the top is down on colder days. While the interior is a bit dated, it is an exceptional place to enjoy the comfort you want. Take this car out and show it off around town; I guarantee you’ll have people stopping to stare at the sheer beauty this car brings to the road.

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