If you have an idea for an app that could be useful, can you build it without knowing how to code? You can if you utilize a no-code API builder.

API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it’s more like a mediator between two software systems than an actual application builder. API helps you keep your device private while accessing server data without breaching the security of the server. This enables consistent and useful connections between the two data elements, ensuring you can communicate and utilize the data available to you. Many times, creating an API requires expertise in coding, but not when using these tools.

Here are seven of the best no-code API builders, enabling you to receive the interface connection necessary. These API versions are often used by businesses, developers, and those requiring access to data without the desire to invest time in coding.

Mixed Analytics API Connector

Mixed Analytics API Connector works by connecting an API to Google Sheets, giving you an efficient way to import files and analyze data. With this tool, you can manage data from multiple sources without manual resources or data warehouses. This tool also enables you to automate the tasks and schedule them for when you need them completed. You’ll be able to access data from thousands of sites and insert them directly into your Google Sheets.


DreamFactory is a no-code API generator for various data sources, including MySQL. This system offers advanced security controls which allows users to create and manage several APIs and to optimize the software by integrating several applications. When utilizing DreamFactory you can mask data while importing it and create reports for future analytics. This tool also allows you to create secure, industry-standard, reusable code quickly, which makes it one of the most useful tools.


If you have a rudimentary understanding of coding, Canonic can be one of the most useful tools available to you. This platform requires only a small among of coding to quickly build and host APIs. The user-friendly interface walks you through the process of building your database and accessing servers more easily. You’ll find a GraphQL API system where you can test your APIs with autocomplete. You’ll also have the ability to automatically trigger workflows every time your data changes.


When you’re looking for a cloud-based, no-code API platform, PrestoAPI is what you’re looking for. This tool allows you to quickly create and develop REST APIS from any data source. This system supports several database support systems, including SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. This system also integrates security features that allow you to assign roles to different users during a project. PrestoAPI enables impressive levels of collaboration across various users, giving access to the data source to everyone included in a project.


If you’re looking for an API builder that allows you to create and manage APIs without any coding, Xano is the way to go. You’ll utilize the visual interface for building and managing APIS, which gives you an easy connection to various data sources and the ability to create custom workflows. Xano is a simple and intuitive interface that makes it much easier for users to create the required tools and connections to bring data to your database. You can store data without a limit using PostgreSQL, and every user database is stored separately and dedicated to each user.


The name is pretty intuitive. NoCodeApi is a no-code API tool that enables you to create and deploy APIs across various data sources and define the data flow and structure required. This system allows you to create, test, and deploy these tools utilizing only a simple drag-and-drop interface. The NoCodeApi builder allows your users to test their APIs automatically, making sure they work right before deployment. This tool automatically generates documentation which makes it easy for developers to understand and use this tool.


Another low-code platform that makes it easy to create web applications while also building APIs is Appsmith. This tool provides a visual editor for building and designing web apps. This system can be used to create custom forms, reports, and dashboards. You’ll find the built-in support for connecting to various data sources, including databases, APIs, and cloud services. With Appsmith, developers can use JavaScript to add custom logic and extend the platform’s functionality, giving you more flexibility while creating complex apps.

Which of these no-code and low-code API generators will you put to work for your business?

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