2015 Nissan Murano

The Japanese carmaker is often considered the third string. Honda and Toyota have been the dominant forces, while the others such as Mitsubishi have been far behind Nissan, putting them firmly in the middle. Do they have enough juice to jump into second or even first place amongst Japanese manufacturers?

They sold 109,848 between Nissan and their luxury brand, Infiniti. This was a 5/7% increase from 2014. Much of the success can be attributed to crossover, truck, and SUV sales. Perhaps the best news is that they have much more excitement coming later this year with a new Maxima and Titan that will certainly build both excitement as well as increase sales for the brand.

According to DNJ:

Those numbers pretty much sum up the shift in attitude among U.S. auto buyers: They have fallen in love with SUVs.

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