Pickup trucks have gotten better than ever with comfortable cabins and more power than we’ve seen in the past. One that has everything you can think of is the Ram 1500 in the Limited trim.
This trim might be the most expensive, but it’s also decked out with the options and features that will make the drive right for you. If you’re looking for a truck that can make driving great for you, consider the Ram 1500 with these nine features.

EcoDiesel Engine

If you’re going to enjoy the drive on the roads in your area or head out for some road trips in your Ram 1500, you’ll love the fuel mileage and power offered with the EcoDiesel Engine under the hood. This engine is a 3.0-liter turbocharged diesel V6 engine that returns 22 city/32 hwy mpg for your drive.
The power you find with this engine under the hood makes it easy for you to tow a massive trailer or boat to where you need to go. You’ll have a 33-gallon fuel tank which means if you’re not towing anything, you can travel over 1,000 miles without filling up the tank when you maximize the fuel mileage on the highway.

Black Appearance Package

The Black Appearance Package offered for the Ram 1500 is an optional feature, but if you’re looking for a way to make your truck look amazing, this could be what you want to add to the mix. This package takes away any chrome or silver accents on the outside of the truck.
Enjoy the look of this package for your Ram 1500 which will have black accents placed where the chrome and silver were in the past. This includes a black RAM grille badge, 22-inch black wheels, black badging, black headlight bezels, a tri-fold tonneau cover, and tow hooks.

12.3-Inch Touchscreen

The Limited trim level of the Ram 1500 allows you to step up from the smaller 8.4-inch Uconnect screen to a massive 12-inch model. This screen looks like a large tablet and can be used in a similar fashion when you’re ready to get connected and enjoy the drive.
The large screen is intuitive to use, it has tons of great features, and it is part of the Limited Level 1 Equipment Group that allows you to have the information you want right in front of you. This large screen also shows the 360-degree camera angles with trailer-tow mirrors that give you the view you need.

Several Charging Ports

Whether you need extra ports for your devices or you take passengers with you in the Ram 1500 and they need to plug in and charge, everyone will find a port that can be used. Three different levels of charging are offered to make sure you can stay plugged in the way you want.
Charging ports in the Ram 1500 come in regular USB, USB-C, and 115-volt varieties to make sure you can plug in and stay charged the right way. There’s even a wireless charger mounted in the center console to allow you to have at least one device charging that doesn’t have to be plugged in.

Big Comfy Seats

The Ram 1500 won’t feel like a luxurious truck if it isn’t comfortable. Thankfully, the Ram 1500 is one of the most comfortable trucks in the market with large seats that make it easy for you to carry your whole family or work crew.
The Limited trim of the Ram 1500 allows you to have the benefits of heated and ventilated seats in the front and the back. This is typically a feature reserved for luxury cars, but you’ll find it on this trim of the truck you love to drive.

Floor Carpets

Too often the carpet of a truck is forgotten and beat up when the truck is used for work. The Ram 1500 Limited has floor mats that feature a special section to make it easy to keep the floor fresh and clean.
The special section is a removable carpeted area that reveals a rubberized section underneath. This means you can use the Ram 1500 for work or during winter months and clean up the floors with ease and then add the carpeted section when your family takes a ride with you.

Multi-Function Tailgate

The tailgate of the Ram 1500 can be opened in a traditional fold-down manner to give you the access you expect when you have a truck, but it also has a different function to make it more versatile for you.
The tailgate can swing open on a hinge that allows you to access the rear without opening the entire tailgate. You can also get much closer to the items in the bed with this function on the tailgate. There’s a center-mounted step that can be used to make it easier for you to reach items in the bed as well.


If you feel like the area in the sides of the bed aren’t being utilized in your truck, the Ram 1500 has the answer to this issue. The RamBox Cargo Management system gives you an opening on the sides of the bed to reveal a cargo area that can be used for smaller items.
The RamBox features a water drain to allow you to put your wet and dirty coveralls in this area until you get home or to clean up the box and fill it with ice and drinks for a tailgate party. This item makes the Ram 1500 Limited a little more versatile.

Four-Coroner Air Suspension

Every version of the Ram 1500 Limited is equipped with a four-corner air suspension with multiple height levels for the driving you’ll enjoy. This system makes the ride on the roads more enjoyable, but it does much more than that.
When you take the Ram 1500 out on the trails, the air suspension system allows you to raise or lower the truck as needed to have the height you’re looking for and the experience you’re after. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of power-retractable running boards, and the large 22-inch wheels when you have the Ram 1500 Limited.

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