Your Next Expedition Just Makes Sense

Do you like to travel? Many of us enjoy the journey to see something new and the explore a part of the world or country that we wouldn’t get to unless we chose to take some time away from work and fly to the other side of the nation to see what’s being offered. For an expedition that would require more than half a day behind the wheel, it makes more sense for you to choose to get a ticket and take a flight, but for shorter journeys, you will want to travel in your own vehicle.

If you’re staying closer to home, but still want to enjoy the upcoming holiday season with travel that will take you to ski slopes, family homes, and outdoor areas in your area, you might want to consider driving a Ford Expedition for the adventure. The Expedition is the largest of the Ford SUVs on the market and is one of the most versatile to make it possible for you to carry the gear, gifts, and needed items with you to let your family be comfortable whether you travel to see family or you’re heading out for some amazing adventure during the upcoming months.

What Does the Expedition Offer You?

In addition to the size offered, the Expedition can offer you what you’re looking for in large vehicle with the comfort and connectivity that you’re going to enjoy and have for the ride. Not only is the Ford Expedition a capable and large SUV for the drive, this is the most efficient model in its class as it can give you up to 538 miles of travel from a single tank of gas in the 4×2 Expedition Max which is the longer wheelbase model for the drive you want on the road.

Imagine getting on a plane and dealing with the tight seat space and the smaller hip room that’s offered compared to the ability to stretch out and have the comfort you desire. The new Expedition is offered with a comfortable third row of seats which is the place you can enjoy as a full-grown adult when you need to sit for a long period of time. Another benefit is the Wi-Fi connectivity you can enjoy in the Expedition which is perfect for up to ten devices to remain connected to the 4G system and make everyone happy along the ride.

Behind the seats, you’ll be able to store your luggage and gear with ease in the Expedition, which would cost you more if you checked the baggage for your flight. You’ll avoid the luggage turnstile or worse, lost luggage that can happen when you fly, by having the ability to carry what you need in the Expedition. In fact, you can pull a trailer that is loaded to up to 9,300 pounds and have more of the stuff with you when you travel for the winter holidays when you choose the Expedition. This SUV allows you to bring the comfort and avoid the compromise of air travel.

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