A New Mini on the Way

It’s been a while since we saw an electric Mini on the market but it appears there may be a new one. Originally the Mini E was built as an EV Mini Cooper that came out in 2008 and was used to develop the battery technology for the BMW Group. This little car offered a small stature, no rear seats and had a range of 156 miles on a single charge. The company built only 500 of them because they weren’t meant to be a volume seller for the company, but were expected to be used as a vehicle that could be used as a testing ground for the future.

The Future Has Arrived

While the original Mini electric isn’t a car that made its way to many homes or became a top performer, it was an excellent testing machine used by the company. Over the past decade, more developments have happened in the world of EV development than any other area of the automotive world. Mini and BMW are seeing the growth of the EV industry and have chosen to bring back a new model of the Mini E to become the next version to wear this badge.
The Mini Electric Concept is a car that previews the production model that will arrive sometime in 2019. While the previous version had no rear seat, you can expect this new model of the electric Mini Cooper to offer the lifestyle features and qualities you want to have on the road. This is a car that shows a futuristic presentation of style while fitting into your world with ease. The headlights give us a look at a special style LED qualities, the wheels are four-spoke wheels and the concept model carries yellow accents and a sealed grill to be able to make sure you can see this is a car of the future.

Concept Ready for Production

While the concept model that we get to see is one that carries features and qualities you might not see on the production model, this car is one that has mirrors, normal sized tires and looks like a Mini to give us the idea that this car is ready to head to the line and be put together. This is a great looking car that, given the proper range of the batteries, could become the Mini we enjoy in the future.
Right now we have no official word on what the powertrain will be for the new Mini Electric but we will get to see more and learn more about what this new car could be when it makes its way across the stage at the Frankfurt Auto Show. If the drivetrain follows the same process as the exterior looks we’ve already discussed, this new electric Mini model is one that will be a car to follow and enjoy when it comes to market. This will certainly be an interesting car to follow and signifies more growth in the EV market as some of the smaller brands add their own variety of models.

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