Cars are mobile; our devices are mobile; so it only makes sense that auto dealers should employ mobile marketing strategies to get your attention.

Marketing is key to ensuring consumers find your business. Every year, new trends and strategies arise that enable marketing teams to push forward and use new methods of pushing advertising to the masses. When these strategies are actionable, they engage the consumer and give them better ways to enjoy the vehicle they can drive. Some mobile marketing strategies involve artificial intelligence with virtual test drives and online sales processes, while others employ segmented marketing efforts.

Let’s look at a few of the best ways for auto dealers to market to customers via mobile strategies.

Focus on online purchase processes

More than 70% of car owners begin their search online. The days of physically going from one dealer to another to find the right car are over and have been replaced with mostly online sales processes and search results. In addition to starting the search process online, some dealerships utilize online transactions and home delivery, which means some car shoppers don’t have to step foot in a dealership showroom. This means online processes are more important than ever before.

The entire process must be seamless

How can a car buying process be seamless? If a car dealership utilizes omnichannel content strategies, consumers have amazing online benefits. When a potential customer begins their experience on their mobile device but wants to switch to their computer, the smooth transition occurs using omnichannel strategies. This could be one of the most important mobile marketing strategies for auto dealers to utilize. In addition to the smooth transition from one device to another, this strategy helps dealers deliver targeted advertising to specific customers.

Video marketing is extremely useful

Cars are easy to video. Most consumers want to learn about the vehicle, and virtual test drives and video tours help make this happen. These are two starting points for video marketing specific vehicles to consumers, making it easy to present vehicles to your customer base. In addition to tours and test drives, some videos could focus on the special features of each model, present special deals to consumers, and present a dealership team to new owners to give shoppers familiarity and an increased comfort level with the team.

AI helps customize and personalize your message

The development of artificial intelligence allows marketing teams to focus mobile marketing strategies on sending consumers personalized marketing. The AI and Big Data points allow the right advertising to reach consumers interested in specific vehicles. In addition to these tools, customers who shop after dealerships are closed will experience chatbot responses to their questions. These chatbots have become advanced enough to provide answers, much like the sales staff of a dealership, ensuring a better shopping experience for customers.

Social media is more important than ever

Almost all mobile users spend time scrolling through social media every day. It’s important for auto dealers to present their products through advertising where potential customers spend their time. This means creating engaging and impressive social media marketing campaigns as part of the mobile marketing strategies. The power of advertising via Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest cannot be ignored. These platforms provide unique opportunities to showcase inventory and tailor the message to customers.

Utilize Over The Top (OTT) advertising

This type of advertising is put in place with impressive imagery and content without disrupting what consumers are watching. The use of OTT advertising targets consumers who are already focused on content without becoming a nuisance that your customers want to skip. This isn’t the same as the in-your-face marketing of old; instead, it’s a great way to push advertising to high-intent customers who are on the verge of purchasing their next vehicle. This gives your consumers the push they need to make the leap to car ownership.

SEO and local marketing is extremely useful

Let’s face it: car dealerships can’t expect to meet customer expectations on a global level. Instead, they must focus on marketing that’s more localized. This means using nearby locations in the marketing efforts along with SEO content that hits home. Local SEO continues to be one of the most impactful mobile marketing strategies, and it’s important that your dealership employ these efforts to give your local customers a push toward your dealership location.

Use these mobile marketing strategies and let your customers know what you’ve got to offer them at your auto dealership. With more eyes on your website, social media accounts, and videos, you’ll see a boost in leads that could turn into sales.

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